• A fine arts elective credit can be earned for enrolling in Intro to Theater, Advanced Theater, or Stagecraft.

    • Intro to Theater is an overview of acting skills, production procedures, and history of Western theater.
    • Advanced Theater performs two plays in the fall semester. Roles are determined by audition.
    • Stagecraft is offered as a 7 a.m. class both semesters for students who prefer to be back stage. The class focuses on set building, light and sound technology, costume/make-up and an array of art design. 


    • 2023-2024:   You Have the Right to Remain Dead
    • 2022-2023:   A Doll's House
    • 2021-2022:
    • 2020-2021:
    • 2019-2020:   Clue; Steel Magnolias
    • 2018-2019:   Crucible; Little Women
    • 2017-2018:   Pride and Prejudice; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
    • 2016-2017:   Anne Frank; Alice in Wonderland
    • 2015-2016:   Legally Blonde; It's a Wonderful Life
    • 2014-2015:   Awakenings; Beauty and the Beast
    • 2013-2014:   Sense and Sensibility; A Christmas Carol
    • 2012-2013:   The Miracle Worker; The Wizard of Oz
    • 2011-2012:   Steel Magnolias; Clue
    • 2010-2011:   Little Women
    • 2009-2010:   Hamlet; The Importance of Being Ernest
    • 2008-2009:   Pride and Prejudice




  • Meets as a class.
    After-school rehearsals also required.