• Night Alternative Program (NAP)



    • Monday-Thursday
    • 4:30-7:30 pm



    Courses offered at the Night Alternative Program will be available on the Canvas or Edgenuity computer learning systems. 


    All absences from NAP will be reviewed by the NAP Administrator. Attendance will be reported to all base schools by the NAP Administrator. A student may be dismissed from the Night Alternative Program after more than the allowed unexcused absences. 

    Arrival time

    Students are expected to be on time. If a student is tardy, the NAP Administrator will determine whether the student will remain in the program. The start time is 4:30 pm. 

    Dismissal time 

    Students are to be picked up promptly at the dismissal time. If a student is picked up late, it is at the discretion of the administrator whether the student will be removed from the program. No early dismissals are allowed unless due to illness. Dismissal time is 7:30 pm. 


    • All Knox County School Policies and Guidelines apply
    • Follow the teacher’s directions at all times
    • Display appropriate classroom conduct
    • Consistently work on assignments for the entire time
    • Students must bring all the necessary materials
      • Students who fail to bring their Chromebook may be asked to leave and return with a Chromebook. Students receive these from their base schools.
      • Headphones/earbuds will not be provided. It is recommended that students bring headphones for educational videos.

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