• Accelerated Reader
    Finley's Reading Club
    Our Accelerated Reader program is called Finley's Reading Club
    Students are recommended by a teacher when they feel that the student is ready for the club.  When a student is recommended for the club, their parent will be emailed a a Finley's Reading Club letter which includes a list of Finley Words that the student should practice reading at home before they begin taking quizzes. 
    The teachers recommend a an appropriate leveled reader (dot book) for students who join the club.   I encourage students in the club to check out a dot or test book and a book to read for fun.  They should read the dot/test book at home with a grown up several times, and take an AR quiz on the book, either in the classroom (when the teachers says it's OK) or at home.  This fall students will be allowed to take AR quizzes at home.   
    Taking AR Quizzes  
    Students may take AR quizzes at home until at least December 2020.  To take a quiz, click on the AR Quiz Website , and it will take your student to the AR quiz page.  If you need information on logging in, scroll down to that section below.  
    How to Find Out if e-books, Books from Home, or the library Have Quizzes
    You and your child may look up books on AR Book Find to find out the a book's reading level and if it has an AR quiz. 
    This AR Resource is for Parents
    If you would like to see your child's progress in AR, you may click on  Renaissance Home Connect  and log on with your child's AR username and password.  You will be able to see bookshelves of all the quizzes s/he has taken.  You may also sign up on the HomeConnect website to be notified when your child takes a quiz.
    Logging In

    To log into AR or RenaissanceHomeConnect: The username is s + the student’s ID number; the password is the initials + the last four numbers of the ID.  Example log in for student named Amelia Bedela: username: s123456; password- AB3456

    Students earn points for every AR quiz they pass, and these points add up to incentives like a scoop of ice cream from Baskin Robin's (or coupon from another local restaurant) and a Super Reader Ribbon and pencil.  When a student earns 10 points, they sign their name on our Finley's Club Point Wall of Fame, and each time students earn50 points, they get to share their favorite book on the announcements with Mrs. Byrd!  Finley's Reading Club is awesome!