Coding Club/CodeTN

  • The Coding Club exists to bridge the gap between computer science and students. Teachers and students will guide others in professional, interactive, and fun activities, which include: contests, hackathons, and programming projects in Python, Java, JavaScript (and other languages) with Sphero, Finch Robots, and Raspberry Pi’s! Students will present the final product of their programming project at the Coding Club Fair at the end of the year. Additionally, our goal is to host tutoring sessions to allow students to get a better grasp of their programming skills! We would love for you to become a part of the FHS Coding Club! All students are encouraged to join. Please feel free to email Mrs. Finchum (Brandi.Finchum@knoxschools.org - Room O205) or Ms. Siebert (Judy.Siebert@knoxschools.org - Room G208) to find out when and where our first meeting of the school year will be or if you have any questions.