•  Click on your group to open your research padlet.  
    Start by clicking on the Animoto icon below.
    When on Animoto, click sign up on the top right corner.  Then follow the rest of the Animoto directions below the icon.
    • You will sign up using your Chrome Book username/email and Chrome Book password.  Make sure you click on show, so you can check to make sure your password was entered correctly. 
      • User: s(student number)@student.knoxschools.org Example: s123456@student.knoxschools.org
      • Password: First and last initial in all CAPS, last 4 digits of student number, kcs Example: SC3456kcs   
    • You will choose "Educational" for your purpose. Then click "Start Trial."  
    • Click "create" under "Slide Show Video."  
    • Choose the background you like best by clicking on it.  After clicking on your background, you may watch the getting started video, or you can skip it.  
    • Start by adding your pictures.  
    1. To do this, click "Add Pics and Vids" to the left.  
    2. Click on "Upload Pictures and Videos."  
    3. Open your folder and select your pictures.  You can select multiple pictures using the shift key.  
    • You can add your facts below the pictures by clicking on "caption" below the pictures in your tool bar, or you may choose to add text to a blank slide by clicking on add text.  You will be limited on the amount of characters you can use.  If you run out of space, stop after the last word you can fit and type "..." without the quotation marks of course.  This means you are going to finish your thought on the next slide.  Then, click add text and finish your though.  
    • When you are finished adding pictures and facts, you can select your music by clicking on "change song" at the top.  Make sure to choose music without lyrics for this project.
    • When you finish with your video, you can preview it.  If you like what you see, click produce, fill out the form, and click finish.