Russian Club
  • Russian Club is a Farragut High School Club devoted to celebrating Russian Culture outside the classroom by participating, viewing, or attending those areas that focus on Russian culture, including the arts, music, dance, theater, sports, and/or film. It is strictly voluntary and is to be organized and coordinated by the Russian Club’s student leadership. There are no events that last longer than a few hours; students must pay for their own entrance fees where there such pertains. Parents of these students are welcome to attend as well.             
    Disclaimer: School staff are not responsible for driving students anywhere and guardians/parents of these students must sign waivers where outside events necessitate driving.  

    Fees: none


    Requirements: Must be currently enrolled in Russian at FHS during the current academic year.


    Where and when are club meetings? Farragut High School classroom: R215. Date and time are determined by the student leadership.


    Club Activities/Events:

    • Movies on in Knoxville that are Russian or Slavic in origin (and rated PG-13 at most)
    • Russian ballet, classical music concerts, or plays with a Russian theme or by a Russian writer or composer
    • Ice-skating
    • Partaking of Russian cuisine

    Community Service: This varies year to year, but it usually involves taking up a collection for children in need or visiting the elderly at a center.


    Any other information to better support your club:          

    The degree of activeness of FHS’s Russian club is 100% dependent upon student leadership (i.e., President, Vice-President and Secretary all of which must be upperclassmen).