• Gresham Middle School Gladiator Athletics 
    If you have any general questions or suggestions regarding GMS sports, contact the school at 865-689-1430

    Gresham Middle School Sponsored Athletics:

    Fall/Winter Sports:

    Boys Basketball: Contact Coach Joel Sampsel (joel.sampsel@knoxschools.org)

    Girls Basketball: Contact Coach Christopher Barkley (christopher.barkley@knoxschools.org)

    Gresham Cheer: Contact Mrs. Alice McManus (alice.mcmanus@knoxschools.org)

    Gresham Dance: Contact Mrs. Nicole Resmondo (nicole.resmondo@knoxschools.org)

    Spring Sports

    Gresham Track/Field: Contact Mr Matthew Paskov (matthew.paskov@knoxschools.org), Mr. Christopher Barkley (christopher.barkley@knoxschools.org)