This is a study plan that will almost guarantee you will pass all of your subjects in middle school. If you follow these simple steps, you will succeed.


    Make sure that your assignments have been written down at school and that you have all of your books, worksheets, study guides, and supplies that you need to complete every assignment.


    ·     Study 1 hour per day (more if needed) for 5 days a week.


    ·     The study hour may be anytime between when you get home from school and bedtime. If possible, have the entire family decide together when this study hour will be.


    ·     You must work on homework or something school related during this hour.


    Written Homework

    Unfinished Class Work

    Study for Quizzes or Tests

    Projects/Book Reports/Long-Term Assignments

    Something School Related


    ·     No cell phones (off-not vibrate), mp3s, television, radio, electronic notebooks, or any other electronic devices are allowed during this hour. NO DISTRACTIONS


    ·     This study hour is serious and focused. Do not take timeout to get a snack or take a break. If you need a break, add the break time back at the end. You may want to have two 30-minute sessions instead of one60-minute session.


    At the end of the hour, organize your work and materials so that you can find them in class the next day.