FCCLA welcomes you to 2016-2017 school year at GHS

FCCLA meeting Tuesday, August.16th from 3:45 till 5:00. This will be a "Get to know you and learn more about FCCLA at GHS" meeting.
If you wish to pay the club fees of $7.00, please bring the correct cash or a check payable to GHS with FCCLA in the memo line. The Tennessee Valley Fair is coming up(Sept. 9-18) and we participate in the Flour Muffin and Cookie Baking Contest. During the August 23rd meeting time I will demonstrate a couple of muffin recipes and talk about what makes a quality muffin. During the August 30th meeting I will demonstrate a cookie recipe and talk about what makes a quality cookie. That gives plenty of time to select a recipe and practice at home before the event on Sept. 12, 2016. Consider running for an office in FCCLA. It is a great way to be a leader in a small group and develop leadership skills. Elections will be held in September. In September, we will also start a Quilt of Valor to give a Veteran on Veterans Day and we can make dog toys for Young Williams Animal Shelter.