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Parent Square

1.) Please be sure to bring your ID when you check into the office if you are coming to volunteer. If you will be in the classroom helping with holiday activities, you will need to sign a confidentiality agreement. This is a short form that reminds visitors to maintain confidentiality of any information they might come into contact with during time in the classroom. If you've already completed one this year, you do not need to sign one again.

2.) The last day of school is December 21st, which is a half day. Please plan for pick-up at 11:15. Buses and Kids Place will run as normal for half days.

3.) The Quarter 2 grading period ends on the 21st, and progress reports will be published in Aspen Family Portal on Friday, January 13th. As always, please just let your child's teacher know if you would like to have a printed copy.

4.) In the meantime, we have some fun dress-up days planned, so your child is encouraged to participate in as many as you wish--or none at all if you prefer. Kindergarten planned a couple of their own spirit days as a grade level, but anyone is welcome to join in the dress-up fun on those days regardless of their grade level. Spirit Days are always a blast!

5.) If your child has lost anything, please check out our Lost & Found. It is overflowing! Items not picked up before the school office closes at noon on Wednesday, December 21st, will be donated to the KCS PTO Clothing Closet.

6.) Please remember that if your child is coming in tardy, an adult should walk the child to the front door. We have had an increase recently in children being dropped off, and this creates a potential safety risk if someone is not sitting at the front desk to watch the child walk into the building. Thanks for your cooperation in keeping our kids secure.