•          Mooreland Heights Elementary School is a great place to be! Our school is dedicated to providing our students with a high quality education that focuses on collaborative, creativity, critical thinking, and communication. In order to achieve these goals we are dedicated to being both an arts integrated and 1:1 school.  These two initiatives allow use to meet the needs of all of our students.

             As an arts integrated school we are committed to integrating the arts (theater, music, literature, visual arts, and dance) with the core curriculum.  Doing this helps deepen student learning, increase motivation, and promote critical thinking.  We are also committed to providing additional arts opportunities for our students.

             MHES is one of six elementary schools in Knox County Schools that is a PLE (Personalized Learning Environment) School. At Mooreland Heights, all students have their own iPad. This gives our students an enhanced learning environment that is not offered to other students in a classroom that doesn’t have the 1:1 technology opportunity.Our goal at MHES is to utilize technology to increase academic rigor, streamline student creations, and set our students up to become a successful lifelong learner.

             To find out more information about our school please find us on Twitter at @moorelandheight.



             We believe with positive experiences in a safe environment, students gain confidence to become life-long learners.


             We believe for students to achieve their greatest potential, students should set challenging, but attainable goals for themselves. By recognizing and modeling good character traits students become productive citizens in their community.



             The students at Mooreland Heights Elementary School are expected to be effective listeners to enable them to follow directions. The students are to be effective information gatherers, as well as effective oral and written communicators so they can be competent in all curriculum areas. And finally, the students are to be respectful of others, responsible, cooperative, dependable, and positive; this will enable them to make appropriate life choices and lead them into adulthood as caring and contributing citizens.