• The Knoxville Adaptive Education Center serves select students in grades K through
    12 from all schools in Knox County who require a structured and supportive school
    environment with a strong mental health component. Students access the Intervention
    Program at KAEC through the IEP Team process.

    The Intervention Program currently consists of three elementary, three middle, and
    seven high school classrooms at KAEC, plus a multitude of similarly run “Satellite” classrooms
    in elementary, middle, and high schools across the county. Classroom staff have a wide range of supports, including a mental health team consisting of a licensed mental health professional and a mental health case manager. Classroom
    and support staff are all trained in verbal de-escalation techniques to assist
    students who may be in crisis. 

    The goal of the program at KAEC is to re-educate students who have not been
    successful in their zoned schools in emotional self-regulation, improved decision
    making, problem solving techniques, and social interactions, to prepare them to
    return to and be successful in their zoned school, while maximizing each student’s
    academic progress.  Students typically step down to a Satellite class prior to
    returning to their zoned school.