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    Ridgedale School - About Us

    Program Descriptions

    Middle School Alternative

    The Middle School Alternative Program provides an opportunity for students in grades 6 - 8 to continue their education during a long-term suspension from their base school.  We are dedicated to providing rigorous instruction utilizing trauma-informed instructional practices.  Academic instruction follows KCS curriculum and course pacing guides.  Students have the advantage of smaller class sizes with two adults in each classroom to provide additional academic support.  Educators at Ridgedale encourage students to be lifelong learners.  This is achieved through student ownership and pride in academic success.  Students are regularly recognized for consistent positive behavior and work toward a successful transition back to their base school.


    Special Day School Program

    The Special Day School Program provides services for students, ages 5 through 22, who are eligible for special education services or may be suspected of having a disability under IDEA.  Students in our Day program receive individualized support for the development of behvaioral, social, emotional, and academic skills.  Our staff ensures that students receive appropriate educational opportunities through collaboration and inclusive practices.  Services are provided in a highly structured setting with a low student to staff ratio so that all student needs can be addressed in a safe environment. 

    Our Philosophy

    At Ridgedale, we believe that ALL students deserve a rigorous, engaging academic program complete with social/emotional support that prepares them for their next steps.  We seek to meet the needs of the whole child and to advance student academics and success in school through effective use of research based strategies, technology, and access to the general education curriculum.  Additionally, we utilize Positive Behavior Supports, Restorative Practices and Trauma Informed Practices to foster supportive relationships in a safe, caring and academically appropriate environment.