• School counselors have lots of resources and ideas to help students be successful in school.  I love to talk to parents!  
    My email address is listed below
    Mrs. Katelyn Greer: katelyn.greer@knoxschools.org
    You can call the office at 865-594-1277 to set up an appointment. 
    You can also let your child's teacher know that you would like your child to meet with me 
    Many times, students refer themselves to me.  Students can talk with Mrs. Greer in 4 ways…
    1. Write a note and leave it in my mailbox.  There is a mailbox across from the teacher workroom. 
    2. Tell their teacher that they would like to talk with me.  Teachers are great at relaying these requests. 
    3. Tell their parent that they would like to talk with me. Parents can call or email me at anytime throughout the year.
    4. Students may fill out an online referral form located on my canvas page or linked below.
    You may also fill out the caregiver referral form that is linked below. The answers go directly to the counselor and will not be shared with anyone without permission. 
    Staff Referral Link