Our Shared Vision 
    Ball Camp will create a culture of excellence and balance in learning that ensures student success and recognizes that each student is a valued individual with unique needs and interests. 
    Our Beliefs 
     For the excellence and success of our school, we believe that it is essential that parents, community leaders, teachers, staff, and administrators be included in major decision making.
    • We believe that each student will learn and excel to his/her highest academic potential of proficiency and beyond through Student Performance Indicators and assessment driven instruction.
    • We believe that regular grade level meetings are important after major assessments are given to discuss individual student's needs for enrichment or intervention.
    • We believe that the curriculum should be implemented through innovative research-based instructional methods that are designed and balanced to meet each student's needs and interests.
    • We believe that problem solving skills and technology skills are also essential for academically successful twenty-first century students.
    • We believe that students will develop a positive academic self-concept and become life-long learners through regular school attendance and an effective home-school relationship.
    • We believe that character development is an essential component for both relational and social success, as well as academic success.
    • We believe that mutiple forms of communication of our policies, procedures, mission, vision, and beliefs should be made available to our students, parents, staff, administration, and community, in order to provide a healthy and supportive school community.