7th Grade supply list for 2018-2019

    3 boxes of Kleenex for homeroom

    1 package of Dry erase markers for homeroom

    2 rolls of paper towels for homeroom

    Clorox wipes for homeroom - Student last name A - M

    1 bottle of hand-sanitizer for homeroom  Student last name N-Z


    Ear buds 

    Personal pencil sharpener 

    Colored pencils

    Green, pink, yellow, and blue highlighters (all colors needed)

    Pencils and erasers

    Paper (spiral and loose leaf) 

    2 glue sticks 

     Safety scissors

    Protractor for math

    Ruler – 6” or 12” 

    3-ring pencil pouch for math notebook

    3-ring pencil pouch for Social Studies supplies 

    Calculator – TI – 30XS (MultiView, if possible) 

    1 package of 3 x 5 index cards for Science 

    3 packages of 3 x 5 index cards / no line (ELA)

    Elmer's School Glue (Reed, Shanton) 

     Binders (3-ring) for: 

     1 1/2 ” 3-ring binder w/ pockets for Science 

    1” 3-ring binder for Language Arts (white only)

    1 1/2” 3-ring binder for Math 


    Dividers for Science, Language Arts and Math binders

    Dividers (5) for Language Arts  (Skarren, Wood)

    1” Metal Hinged Snap Ring (holds 3x5 cards) (Skarren only)

    2 80-page Composition Notebooks for Social Studies (Reed, Shanton)

    1 composition notebook (Wood, Hoppenrath)
    One-hole punch (Skarren only)