•  Our library is a place for exploration and wonder.  Be sure to stop by. I am happy to answer any questions you may have and am eager to assist you in locating the resources you need.

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     Welcome to the West Valley Library!

    The West Valley Media Center is the heart of our school. From the time the doors open, students discover new books and authors, periodicals and technology to meet their academic and recreational reading and research needs.
    Our collection includes over 14,000 books and online resources including over 900 eBooks and helpful databases. The library provides reading and meeting areas where students and faculty can relax and enjoy one another. In the morning students can read, play board games or card games quietly, work on a puzzle, finish homework, continue to code, try out some new GIS mapping activities, draw, or create a comic online. Cell phones should be used for online reading or research purposes ONLY. Video games are limited to sites teachers have encouraged students to use to further their educational pursuits.
    Ever wanted to write a novel? Countdown to November 1 and the beginning launch of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month). Participating students set a personal word count goal and write EACH DAY during the month of November. Consider joining us this year. 

      Library Hours:

    Open: 7:30 a.m. Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday  [Wednesday 8:00]

    Closes 4:00 p.m. Monday, Thursday, Friday  [Tuesday. Wednesday 3:40] 

     Library Checkout Policies
    -Students are allowed to have three books checked out at a time.
    -Each book is checked out for a period of two weeks.
    -Magazines may be checked out for one week.
    -Each time students check out they receive a receipt which reflects the student's name, the name of the book(s) checked out and the due date(s).
    -Students are encouraged to renew books if they have not finished them by the due date.
    -A fine of .05 per day per book is assessed after the book is three days overdue.
    -Students who have unpaid library debt and/or overdue books at the time of an in-school celebration will not be allowed to participate in the celebration.
    ***To log in to the catalog to check for a book's due dates and fine information, click on the yellow catalog icon. In the top right. you will see a login button. Use your s# for the username and your regular computer password for this password. They are now connected to the Active Directory.
    My name is Janet Getz, and I pleased to be part of West Valley Pack as your Library Media Specialist! This is my 12th year as a Knox County librarian. I enjoy working with students helping them to: find books to love, learn how to identify and gather reliable information and use technology creatively.  I especially enjoy facilitating student creativity using our Makerspace in the library as I am a  would-be artist, crafter, designer, writer, let's try something new sort of person. All interested, creative souls are invited to help us in this endeavor as well as support our efforts to encourage our students to read for enjoyment beyond academic demands.  Have you read something amazing? I'd love to hear about it. 


    Feel free to contact me at janet.getz@knoxschools.org or 865-539-5145

    Northwestern University B.S  Human Development and Social Policy

    The Ohio State University M.A. Curriculum Instruction and Design

    ETSU Add-on Endorsement for K-12 Library

KCS Library Media Mission and Beliefs


    LMS Vision


    KCS Librarians/Media Specialists Beliefs 


    We believe the Library Media Specialist will:
    • Promote a love of reading.
    • Create a safe and inviting environment for all learners. Cultivate a spirit of inquiry.
    • Collect a rich variety of resources to support the needs of each learner.
    • Provide equitable information access to all learners.
    • Teach learners:
      • To access information efficiently for a variety of purposes.
      • To evaluate and discern among information sources.
      • To use information critically, effectively, and ethically.
    • Collaborate with students and teachers to decide the best methods for creating and sharing information.
    • Integrate services with the school’s mission and goals.
    • Model lifelong learning by engaging in relevant and sustained professional development.