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  • Course Description

    This course produces a full-scale musical and musical revue. Students gain experience in singing, dancing, acting, and production.


    Topics Covered



    •Rehearsal Etiquette

    •Musical Theatre Terminology


    Skills Covered




    •Creating a Character

    •Simultaneously doing all of the above


    Students who participate in this program:

    •Enhance vocal and physical awareness through acting and musical assignments

    •Analyze song structure and techniques for breaking-down a song

    •Strengthen skills in song, text and character analysis

    •Strengthen overall dance techniques, abilities, and vocabulary by practicing various dance styles

    •Study several decades of musical theatre history, its development and its various forms

    •Discover, prepare and build a repertoire of songs suitable for auditions

    •Receive group and some individual voice training and coaching

    •Build confident stage presence and excellent audition techniques