• After-School Available at Farragut Intermediate School




    YMCA on-site at FIS.    Link to YMCA                     865-789-9041

    BIG Fish After School Care                                     247-3762

    KAMA Knoxville Academy of Martial Arts               675-4499

    Kiddie Kottage                                                         777-3852

    Kidz Connect (First Baptist Concord)/Jessica        672-1447  

    La Petite                                                                   966-3803  

    Morning Star                                                            671-0244

    P3 Martial Arts                                                         789-0406  

    Starting Points                                                         966-2613


    Daycare Pickup Areas and Times

    All Daycares will pick up in the bus line behind the building.

    Big Fish                       Before A Buses

    KAMA                          After B Buses (After 2:55)

    Kiddie Kottage            After B Buses (After 2:55)

    Kidz Connect               After B Buses (After 2:55)                            

    LaPetite                       Before A Buses

    Morning Star               After B Buses (After 2:55)

    P3 Martial Arts           After B Buses (After 2:55)

    Starting Points –         After B Buses (After 2:55)