Katie Allen

    Katie Allen, WVMS Social Worker Katie.allen@knoxschools.org

    Office 539-5145

    Cell 257-5818

    Please feel free to contact me with any ideas, concerns, or questions. My goal is to assist students and families in creating the most successful academic experience possible! I consider it an honor to work with the great families here at our school. I look forward to our work together during this school year.



    The Role of a School Social Worker:

    School Social Workers help meet the basic needs of our students and families in order to remove barriers that negatively impact student success.

    We believe and support the notion that each child has the potential to learn and be successful.

    We function as an advocate between the homes, schools, and communities in an effort to educate and empower students and families.

    We develop interventions that focus on increasing knowledge of various cultures and values, self-awareness and acceptance by and of families and children, and to support and enhance the dignity of all students.

    We support and collaborate with staff and administration to provide crisis assistance.

    We embrace honesty, professionalism, and communication in collaboration with students and families.