Gap Creek Elementary School was first built in 1865. Even though it is now larger, it is still more than just a building. Gap Creek is more like a family. Being a student here makes you a part of a very special small school in a very unique South Knoxville neighborhood.  One visit to our school and you will agree that it is a unique and special place.  

    Many of our parents have stated that having their child in Gap Creek is like having a child in a private school without the private school cost.  Most of our classes have less than twenty students in them. 

    A few of our students are children from the Johnson University campus. The other students live in the community. A majority of our parents and grandparents also grew up in this community and attended this same school.

    We are fortunate to be so close to Johnson University.  We have Johnson Students that volunteer in our school throughout the school year.  They are talented students.  They help us with tutoring, center materials, reading groups, math groups, and much more.

    We have been told we are "the best kept secret" in this area.  I love Gap Creek and you will, too.  The teachers and staff here go above and beyond to help our students follow our motto; Work Hard and Be Nice.  Our students are the best!  After all, they ARE Gap Creek Students. 

    Our school is a great place to be!