• Ball Camp Elementary Library Policies and Procedures


    Visiting the Library


    Students will visit the library as part of their five-day Encore rotation. 


    Check Out Policies


    Students will have an opportunity to self-select library books.  Students are encouraged to find a “good-fit book” that meets their needs as readers.


    Kindergarten and first grade students may check out one book that is due in one week.  Second through fifth gade students may check out two books that are due in one week.  Students may renew chapter books up to two times.  Students with overdue books will not be able to check out new books.


    Staff may check out an unlimited number of books that are due when their classroom project is complete or when another staff member or student requests the book.


    Fines and Other Charges


    Fines are not charged for overdue library books; however, if a book is lost or damaged beyond repair, then the replacement cost of the book must be paid.