• ·      Board Policy I-431 

    Issued: 7/95 Revised 6/08 

     The Board affirms that it is essential that the teaching about religion—and not of a religion be conducted 
in a factual, objective, and respectful manner in accordance with the following:

    Music, art, literature, or drama with a religious theme or basis are permitted as part of the curriculum for 
school-sponsored activities and programs, provided it is essential to the learning experience in the various fields of study and is presented objectively; 

    The emphasis on religious themes in the arts, literature, and history shall be only as extensive as necessary for a balanced and comprehensive study of these areas. Such studies shall never foster any particular religious tenets or demean any religious beliefs; and 

    Student-initiated expressions to questions or assignments which reflect their beliefs or non-beliefs about a religious theme shall be accommodated. For example, students are free to express religious belief or non- belief in compositions, art forms, music, speech, and debate. 

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