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    Mrs. Julie Leathers 

    PRES Media Specialist

Pleasant Ridge Library Media Center Policies

  • About The Media Center

    The library media center operates on a schedule that allows every student to have library class once every four days as part of the encore rotation.  Students are also allowed to visit the library media center with permission from their teacher in small groups and independently as needed. Students may check out books and return them on any day, but are expected to bring them to every library class.  During class library visits, students will experience a wide variety of literature activities, practice location skills and learn research techniques.  The library curriculum is structured by Knox County and aligned with the state standards.

    As in the classroom, the library has behavior expectations for all students. Showing respect, speaking only with permission, following the teacher's first request,  listening, following procedures and directions, are the rules.  Rewards include praise, bookmarks, and extra free reading time.  Consequences include warning, time out, loss of a behavior point, parent notification and finally, discipline referral.

    Books are checked out to students and must be returned within eight days.

    Students may renew a book if it takes longer than eight school days to read by bringing it to library class and checking it out again.

    Students with overdue books (books not returned or renewed) or who have outstanding replacement fees, may not check out books until the book is returned or the fee is paid.  Most lost books have a replacement fee of $15.00

    If the book is found during the same school year that the fee was paid, we will happily refund your money.  Keeping up with the school library book is an important student responsibility.

    Please help your child to have the best library experience possible.

    Encourage your child to check out books.

    Remind your child to return books on the scheduled day of the rotation or week.  

    • Be aware of what your child is reading.

    • Find a “safe” place in your home for library books. (We suggest the backpack).

    Visit the Library Media Center if you wish.

    Support the library’s programs and policies.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1.   When does my child come to the library?

    Students are on a four day rotation that includes library.  To know the day of the rotation you can check the homeroom teacher's newsletter,Aspen PE, listen to morning announcements, or count it up on your home calendar. 

    2.    What if it takes my child longer than two weeks to read the library book?

    Students are allowed to renew a book twice.  In order to renew it, the student must bring the book to a regularly scheduled library class and check it out again.  That means that it is possible for a student to keep a book up to six weeks.  The only exception would be if a teacher requested / reserved that book.

    3.    How much does my child pay for an overdue book?

    There is no fee for late books.  We request that students return books promptly so that others may also enjoy the book.  If a book is lost, a replacement fee of $15.00 is charged.

    4.    Is the media specialist going to make sure that my child gets a book on his reading level?

    The librarian and the homeroom teacher will work together with students so that each child is aware of his / her reading level.  We will provide students with guidelines and recommendations.  However, it is the student’s responsibility to choose appropriately.

    5.    What if my child chooses a book that I feel is not a good choice?

    Tell your child to return the book immediately and make another, more appropriate choice.  Each child has a different maturity level and life experience in addition to reading level.  Be sure to communicate your expectations to your child.

    6.    My child reads a book every night.  We need more books.  Can you help?

    Kindergarten and first grade students check out one book at a time.  Second through fifth grade students may have 2 books at once.  Students simply let their teacher know when they need another book.  Students may come to the library any day to exchange books as often as needed.