• Carol Slatas is our full-time counselor (left).

    Natlaie Choate is at FIS on Fridays and will be doing lessons and counseling sessions with half of our fourth grade students (right).


      FIS School Counselors

    We are here as a support and resource to students, staff and parents...  we look forward to working with you!  To find out more about us perosnally, you can check out our Virtual Counseling Office found in our Counseling Canvas Course on the Home page.  Once in the "office", select our names to findout some fun info about us. 

    While in the "office" explore by selecting on images throughout the office to access useful resources.  Enjoy!




  • Contact us at

    If you are wanting to make a PARENT REFERRAL for your child to receive counseling services, please use THIS FORM.



     (865) 966-6703


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    Email is a convenient form of communication; however, email communications are not for emergency use, and confidentiality can not be guaranteed. Please use discretion when sending information that is of a sensitive nature. Also, please be aware that I do not check email except during business hours. If this is a crisis or an emergency call 911 or go to the local emergency roo