• President - Sheryl Ely
    • Vice President #1 - Gray Bryant
    • Vice President #2 - Kristi Snyder
    • Vice President #3 - Jennifer Bjornstad
    • Secretary - Martha Filipkowski
    • Treasurer -- Laura Feldman
    • Parliamentarian - Cynthia Bunch
    PRESIDENT - Sheryl Ely
    TREASURER - Laura Feldman
    SECRETARY - Martha Filipkowski
    Photo coming soon!
    VP #1 - Gray Bryant
    Photo coming soon!
    VP #2 - Kristi Snyder
    VP #3 - Jennifer Bjornstad
     VPs #2 and #3


  • Please contact us if you are interested in helping or if you are interested in finding out more. 

    • Baccalaureate (Sheryl Ely and Paul Anastasio) Plan and organize HVA's annual event for our graduating seniors.
    • Buildings and Grounds (Maureen Cianciolo) Support the upkeep and beautification of the building and grounds.
    • Cultural Arts - Citizenship/Reflections (Meshon Crateau) Advertise to students and identify judges for the PTA's cultural arts competitions.  Process all entries and forward all winners on to Knox County for further competition.
    • E-talon (Suzanne Sherman) Produce the HVA e-Talon weekly electronic newsletter that reaches over 600 families. 
    • Foundation Liaison (Christy McCord) Serve as point-of-contact with the HVA Foundation.
    • Fundraising/Sponsorship (Julie Hart) Organize fundraising programs such as "Dine out with the Hawks" and facilitate corporate sponsorship.
    • Graduation Celebration (Martha Filipkowski) Plan and organize HVA's annual all-night drug and alcohol free lock-in evening celebration to take place on graduation night.  Work with community business partners to identify prizes and other student incentives. 
    • Hospitality/Special Events (Mindy Johnson) Organize any school related or community event requiring decoration ad food preparation including 4 Teacher/Staff Appreciation lunches and 2 Senior Portfolio Showcase evenings. 
    • Membership (Carol Breaux) Promote and organize the membership drive and events related to membership. 
    • My Amazing Life (Kim Frazier) Plan and organize this special event that teaches HVA juniors important life lessons pertaining to finances and budgeting. 
    • Public Relations - Social media/website (Julie Greene) Post events, school news, volunteer information, etc.
    • Scholarship (Christy McCord) Fund several competitive scholarships for our graduating seniors.

    We'd love to see you get involved! Please ontact any of the board members for more information or email with your questions. All PTSA general membership meetings are open to all members. Please refer to our calendar for meeting dates.