• Blue Grass Student Council

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    Blue Grass Student Council is an organization that allows students to share ideas, interests, and concerns with teachers and administration. We often help with school-wide activities, community events, fund raising, helping those in need, and work on improving the environment/school. Student Council members learn skills that go beyond their general education and help prepare them for their future (in the community and future governmental endeavors).


    Student Council officers are selected at the end of every school year. All applicants must write a letter of application/intent, get a short teacher recommendation, and complete an interview with Mr. Sand. Consistent attendance on Thursdays is required.


    Student Council officers meet every Tuesday morning in Mr. Sand’s room from 7:15 until 7:40 AM. All Student Council members meet on Thursday morning in Mr. Sand’s room from 7:15 until 7:40 AM. Members should bring paper (for notes) and something to write with, to every meeting.


    Those interested in participating in Student Council should attend Thursday meetings as soon as they begin in the fall (September). The cut-off date for joining is the end of October. 4th graders are able to participate in Student Council, while the 5th graders are chosen for officers. 5th graders can attend Thursday meetings and participate as members, without having officer status. In order to participate in outside activities (fund raisers etc.), students must have an excellent attendance record.


    Teacher Chairs: Mr. Sand and Ms. Masengill