• West Valley Middle School
    Phone: (865) 539-5145 Fax: (865) 539-5155
    Official Web Site: westvalleyms.knoxschools.org

    Mission Statement
    The mission of the West Valley Middle School community is to inspire the students to be resourceful,
    respectful and responsible citizens by providing a challenging and safe learning environment.

    Vision Statement
    Our vision is that West Valley Middle School students will be prepared for responsible citizenship and
    leadership roles in society.

    On behalf of the administration, staff, and teaching faculty, welcome to West Valley Middle School. As we continue our pursuit of excellence we encourage students, parents, and community members to be involved in every aspect of WVMS. Please become well acquainted with our program, calendar, schedules, activities, facilities, procedures, policies, and rules.

    This handbook is being provided to help students and parents learn as much as possible about WVMS. We cannot cover everything one might like to know, but we hope it will answer most questions. Parents and students should take time together to read and understand the policies and procedures contained herein.

    WVMS Honor Code 
    A West Valley Middle School (WVMS) Student Will Not Lie, Cheat, Steal, or Tolerate Those Who Do.

    The Honor Committee:
    The WVMS Honor Code is administered by the WVMS Administrative team. They are responsible for the requirements of the Honor Code, its system, and procedures.

    *The WVMS Honor Code was adopted from the United States Military Academy.

    Welcome to West Valley Middle School where learning is the most important and meaningful activity in which we engage! The procedures and regulations in this agenda book are written for students, parents, faculty, and staff to help us all work together to ensure a productive learning environment. The ultimate purpose of education is to help each student become an effective and productive citizen in our democracy. It is the responsibility of each student to accept the duties and obligations of good citizenship and enjoy the rewards that result from such efforts. Please become familiar with the contents of this agenda book to ensure that your stay at WVMS will be profitable for all concerned.

    Academic Programs
    All students will have language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, reading, physical education, art, music, technology, guidance, and health. Band, strings, and choral music are available for students who wish to participate. Students audition for chorus and are selected by the choral teachers.

    West Valley Middle School has an active PTSA. Parents and students are encouraged to join and to participate. Membership forms and announcement of meeting times will be sent home with your child. Be sure to look for the PTSA newsletter, The Howl, for important information and upcoming events.

    Student Council
    The student council is for the purpose of hearing the voices and opinions of the students of WVMS. Other purposes include increasing school-wide communication and improving home, school, and community relationships.
    The council will consist of a representative from
    each homeroom.

    To ensure the safety of students and staff, all visitors to WVMS must report to the main office upon entering the building to obtain a visitor's pass. Persons without a pass will be approached by the staff and directed to the office.

    Early Dismissal
    If it is necessary for a student to leave school early, the student must bring a note to the homeroom teacher before 8:45 a.m. The note should include the time, reason for departure, the name of the person who will be picking the student up and a telephone number where the parent/guardian can be contacted for confirmation. The person picking up the student must come into the main office to sign the student out. This person must be on the student’s emergency card and must present photo identification to check the student out of school.

    Late Arrivals
    Students arriving after 8:30 must report to the main office and sign in for the day.

    Absence Make-up Work
    Knox County School Board states, "If a student must be absent from school for any reason, excused or unexcused, up to ten (10) days upon returning to school, he/she shall be given the opportunity to make up any and all assignments that were missed during the student's absence. Teachers shall set a reasonable time for the completion of the work.

    After-School Functions
    After-school functions are for the benefit of the students. Students are expected to remain in the area of the building in which the event is occurring. Immediately at the conclusion of the event, students must report to the front or the rear entrance of the school for pick-up.

    If late pick-up becomes a problem, the school administration reserves the right to prohibit a child from attending future after-school functions. Participation in all after-school functions is contingent on maintaining “good-standing” in regards to discipline and academic performance.

    Entering and leaving an assembly should be done in a quiet and orderly way. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful at all times.

    Awards and Honors
    Report cards are sent home once every nine weeks. Dates for issuance of report cards are publicized at the beginning of the academic year. Based on grade point average (GPA), it is possible to be on the WYMS Honor Roll each nine weeks. A GPA of 3.5 to 3.79 is needed to make Honors, and a GPA of 3.8 to 4.0 is needed for Highest Honors. Seventh and eighth grade students are also eligible for selection to the National Junior Honor Society if they meet the requirements. Grades are determined according to the following scale:
    93 -100 = A
    85 - 92 = B
    75 - 84 = C
    70 - 74 = D
    69 & below = F

    WVMS Cafeteria Expectations
    Breakfast and lunch are provided for all interested students. All school meals meet federal guidelines for nutrition standards. WYMS cafeteria procedures are as follows:
    > Move quickly through the line, pay for lunch with cash or punch in personal ID number
    > Upon exiting the line, move to assigned area and remain seated
    > When completing meal await the request of the cafeteria duty teacher to take trays and trash to the dish room
    > Clean up all spills and dropped food in eating area
    > Students are not to leave the cafeteria without permission
    > Students are not to take food or drink from the cafeteria
    > The cafeteria duty teachers are in charge at all times, and permission must be received for any special requests

    School Fees
    Students qualifying for free or reduced price meals are eligible to apply for a waiver of school fees. This waiver of school fees includes activities occurring during school hours but not optional fees such as school pictures, ballgames, cheer- leading expenses, etc.

    Boy-Girl Relationships
    Boy-Girl relationships are a natural part of growing up. This school, however, does not permit obvious or public displays of affection including hand holding, arm-around, kissing, etc.

    Illness at School
    If a student becomes ill at school, the teacher will decide if he/she is too ill to continue and will refer the student to the clinic/office. If the school staff or clinic volunteer determines it is necessary, parents will be contacted to come and sign the student out of school.

    Parent Conferences
    Conferences between administrators, teachers, and parents are encouraged and should be set up by appointment. Drop-in visits are inconvenient and inconsiderate of all personnel involved. School personnel are busy with their responsibilities for classes, planning, and all the other demands of teaching but will be pleased to hold conferences that have been previously scheduled. Please call the school office to set up an appointment with a teacher, counselor, and/or administrator. Generally, conferences will be conducted by all team members. A team of educators and parents can more effectively analyze the needs of a student and develop a plan for success.

    Care of Property, Building and Grounds
    Students are expected to take care of all school property. We encourage all students to help protect the school by discouraging, preventing, and reporting vandalism or property damage by others. Parents or guardians are responsible for any damage the student might do to the furniture, lockers, books, and other property of the school system. If students
    willfully destroy school property, suspension and possible expulsion may be necessary in addition to payment for damages. If a student should happen to damage something by accident, the student is responsible for repair or replacement
    without additional consequences when the accident is reported to a teacher or administrator immediately.
    Lost and Found
    Unclaimed items found in the school should be taken to the main office. Students may reclaim lost items at this location. Unclaimed items will be disposed of periodically throughout the school year.

    Students are fully responsible for any textbook issued to them and are responsible for replacement cost in the event of theft, loss, or damage. Individuals may purchase personal copies of textbooks from:
    Tennessee Book Company
    1109 Heil Quaker Blvd.
    P. O. Box 3009
    LaVergne, TN 37086-1989
    FAX (615) 793-9545

    Lockers at WVMS
    Each student may be assigned a locker near his/her homeroom teacher. Each student is responsible for keeping his/her assigned locker clean both inside and outside. No stickers or other items may be used. Damages caused by misuse of the locker will be charged to the student responsible. Students may lose their privilege to have a locker any time during the year. Any locker malfunction should be reported to the office immediately. Lockers are subject to search at all times.
    Locks should be placed on the lockers and the combination or a duplicate key must be provided to the homeroom teacher.

    No student will be allowed to use the school telephones unless a secretary, teacher, or administrator gives him/her permission.
    We implore parents to make all arrangements with their children prior to the school day.

    Chewing Gum
    Chewing of gum at WVMS is not permitted.

    Discipline Philosophy at WVMS
    It is the belief of the Knox County Board of Education and the faculty and staff of West Valley Middle School that only the highest standards of discipline and self-control are acceptable.
    Each grade level of teachers establishes general rules, consequences for breaking rules, communication to inform parents of inappropriate behavior, and rewards for good behavior. Students and parents need to become familiar with his/her child's grade level rules. Students are responsible for
    1. Being respectful to fellow students, teachers, and any person in the school
    2. Taking care of school property
    3. Being prepared for class

    In-School Suspension Policy (ISS)
    If a student does not conform to school or classroom rules, the student may be assigned to ISS. The in-school suspension program isolates students from their friends and regularly scheduled classes and activities, but at the same time allows them the opportunity to complete assignments and receive credit for the classes missed. Any day a student is in ISS he/she is not allowed to participate in any extracurricular activities.

    Out-of-School Suspension (OSS)
    Out-of-School suspensions are reserved for more serious or repeat offenders and preclude a student from attending classes or school activities.
    *Students who receive OSS at WVMS will be placed on a 30 day probationary period which will prohibit their participation in all extra-curricular activities at school. The probationary period will begin upon the students return to school once the suspension is served.

    Inappropriate Items
    The following items are inappropriate for students to bring to school: skateboards, radios, cameras, tape/CD players, I-Pods, toys, expensive jewelry, all electronic devices, trading cards, playing cards, certain magazines, stuffed toys/animals, etc. If brought to school, these items will be confiscated by school personnel and sent to the office to be held until the parent/guardian picks them up or until the end of the school year. Additionally, if students choose to bring these items to West Valley Middle School, school personnel will not be obligated to investigate due to loss, theft, or damage to them. Persistent violators may face appropriate disciplinary action.

    Media Center
    WVMS is proud to have a Media Center with so much to offer students. We have over 15,000 books from a variety of genres, a collection of periodicals covering both curriculum and non- curriculum items, a presentation station for lessons, and 30 student computers.
    We are open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Students may check out a total of two books for a period of two weeks. Overdue books are fined at a rate of $.10 per day. Renewals are encouraged to avoid fine assessment.
    Need a reference source for school or home? The state of Tennessee offers the Tennessee Electronic Library to all residents. It is a database of thousands of periodicals ranging from leisurely to scholarly. To access this tremendous source, look under the subscription category of the WVMS website, click on Infotrac (TEL), and use the password Elvis.

    School Store
    There is a small school store located in the Media Center which carries basic supplies. The store usually has pencils, pens, erasers, paper, mechanical pencil lead, poster board, folders and rulers in their inventory. We also carry clarinet reeds for the students’ convenience.

    Computers and MacBook Pros
    In addition to the 30 computers which are located in the Media Center, there are three computer labs located throughout the building and each student will be assigned a MacBook Pro to use for educational purposes ONLY. Each student will be assigned a unique user name and select their own password for computer access. It is a requirement that each student have a signed permission form on file before they can access the Internet in any Knox County School.

    We encourage students to use their Aspen and Canvas accounts frequently to check their grades and their assignments. Please see the library media specialist or your teacher with any questions.
    Knox County Schools 2016 – 2017 Calendar

    Aug. 8                  First Day for Students (1/2 day for students)
    Sept. 5                  Labor Day Holiday – no school
    Sept. 7                  End 4 ½ weeks grading period
    Sept. 17                Constitution Day
    Oct. 7                   End first 9-week grading period
    Oct. 10-14            Fall Break
    Nov. 8                  In-Service Day - Student Holiday 
    Nov. 16                End 4 ½ weeks grading period
    Nov. 23-25          Thanksgiving Holidays
    Dec. 22                End second 9-week grading period (1/2 day for students)
    Dec. 23-Jan.5      Winter Holidays
    Jan. 6                   Student Holiday – Administrative Day
    Jan. 9                   First Day for Students 
    Jan. 16                 Martin Luther King Jr. Day – Holiday
    Feb. 8                  End 4 ½ weeks grading period
    Feb. 20                Student Holiday – In-service
    Mar. 9                 End third 9-week grading period
    Mar. 10               Student Holiday – In-service
    Mar. 13-17          Spring Break
    Apr. 14                Good Friday – Holiday
    Apr. 19                End 4 ½ weeks grading period
    May 23                Last Day for Students (1/2 day)
                                End fourth 9-week grading period
    May 24               Administrative Day

                                                    KCS MIDDLE SCHOOL TESTING DATES 2016-2017



    STAR – Universal Screener Assessment #1



    8/31-9/18/2015 (window)



    (School chooses any one day in window)                    





    MS Honors Midterms


    ???  (last year 12/16-17 and the last day of semester was 12/19)


    STAR – Universal Screener Assessment #2



    1/5-22/2016 (window)


    TN Ready RLA and Math Part I             (6th-8th)


    2/8-3/4/2016 (window)


    Social Studies Part I                                (6th-8th)



    2/8-3/4/2016 (window)


    ACCESS for ELL (WIDA)   (6th-8th ELL Students)



    3/7-4/8/2016 (window)


    TN Ready RLA and Math Part II            (6th-8th)


    4/18-5/13/2016 (window)


    Social Studies Part II                                (6th-8th)



    4/18-5/13/2016 (window)

    Science (paper)                                         (6th-8th)


    5/10/2016 (makeup)


    STAR – Universal Screener Assessment #3





    MS Finals for HS Credit Courses



    ??? Last year 5/4-15 and last day of semester was 5/21 – not sure of why so early – think the early, early part had something to do with foreign language – do you want administered the week before the last week of school like last year??


    *EOC subjects will follow the same Math and Science timelines above



    CONFISCATION: Items that are prohibited on school grounds or are a distraction will be labeled as to ownership and turned over to the office. These items may be returned to the student or parents at the Administrator’s discretion. (Note: beepers, cell phones, etc. may be turned over to Knox County Security.)

    HAZING: Name-calling, inflammatory or disrespectful remarks, harassment (verbal or physical) is prohibited at all times and is subject to disciplinary consequences.

    IN SCHOOL SUSPENSION (I.S.S.): I.S.S. is a consequence sometimes given for inappropriate behavior. This consequence involves placement of the student in a special class for the entire day with a designated staff member. Students are expected to complete regular academic assignments, participate in some form of school service, and follow the schedule and guidelines outlined by the staff member in charge.

    OUT OF SCHOOL SUSPENSION (O.S.S.): This is a consequence given for persistent misbehaviors of such a serious nature as to warrant being prohibited from school attendance. Students who receive O.S.S. are subject to the following rules:
    • The student is not allowed on campus at any time.
    • The student is not allowed to attend any school function, including, but not limited to, athletic events, dances, Time for Time sessions, or school performances

    LONG TERM SUSPENSION: Any out-of-school suspension that is longer than four (4) consecutive days is considered “long term.” A disciplinary hearing will be held before and long-term suspension has been given.

    INITIAL HEARING / DISCIPLINARY HEARING: When information is received by the Administration indicating that a student has committed a violation that could result in a suspension of more than four days, meetings will be scheduled for the following purposes in the order given below:

    Hearing Notification (Includes Administrator and Student + Parent/Guardian)
    • To present information concerning the violation.
    • To hear the student’s statement or statements of others who may have information relative to the violation.

    I.E.P. Team
    • To determine if violation is a manifestation of the Special Ed. Certification.
    • To determine if placement/programing is needed.

    Disciplinary Hearing: (For Special Ed. if not manifestation and all regular Ed.)
    • To determine quilt or innocence.
    • To determine the appropriate consequences for the violation.

    SEARCH AND SEIZURE: According to Knox County Board Policy Handbook (JCAB), school lockers, backpacks, pocketbooks, etc. are subject to search. (Guidelines concerning such searches are outlined in the Knox County Policy Handbook available in the school office.) Parents will be contacted after the student is searched.

    According to Knox County Board Policy Handbook JCCC2:
    In order to ensure a safe and secure learning environment free of drugs, violence and dangerous weapons, any student who engages in the following behaviors will be subject to removal from the school for a period of not less than one (1) calendar year. The Superintendent (or designee) has the authority to modify this suspension requirement on a case-by-case basis. Zero tolerance acts are as follows:

    Any student who while on a school bus, on school property or while attending any school event or activity:
    a. Unlawfully possess a legend drug or any other controlled substance; or
    b. Knowingly possesses a fire arm as defined in 18 U.S.C. 921; or
    c. Commits a battery on a teacher, a School Resource Officer (SRO), and office of the law assigned to patrol Knox County School property or other employee of the school system.

    It is the Board’s intent that the Superintendent exercises his power to modify and ensure that no student shall be out of school for more than two semesters for a zero tolerance offense. The Superintendent shall consider each zero tolerance case for placement in the alternative school program.

    Students are not allowed in the following areas:
    • Parking lots during school hours without administrative permission.
    • Rooms or areas designated “Staff Only.”
    • Any unsupervised area during classes w/o permission.
    • In the building or on campus after 4:00 p.m. without staff supervision for a school activity.

    Knox County Schools prohibits acts of harassment, intimidation, bullying and cyber-bullying.1, 2 A safe and courteous environment in school is necessary for students to learn and achieve. Harassment, intimidation or bullying, like other disruptive or violent behaviors, is conduct that disrupts both a student’s ability to learn and a school’s ability to educate students in a safe and orderly environment; and since students learn by example, administrators, faculty, staff and volunteers should be positive role models in demonstrating appropriate behavior, treating others with civility and respect, and refusing to tolerate harassment, intimidation or bullying. All Knox County Schools teachers and administrative personnel are responsible for ensuring this policy is faithfully implemented in all areas under their purview or direct supervision.
    “Cyber-bullying” means bullying undertaken through the use of electronic devices;
    “Electronic devices” include, but are not limited to, telephones, cellular phones or other wireless telecommunication devices, personal digital assistants (PDAs), computers, electronic mail, instant messaging, text messaging, and web sites;
    “Harassment, intimidation or bullying” means any act that substantially interferes with a student’s educational benefits, opportunities or performance; and:
    (A) If the act takes place on school grounds, at any school-sponsored activity, on school-provided equipment or transportation or at any official school bus stop, the act has the effect of:
    (i) Physically harming a student or damaging a student’s property:
    (ii) Knowingly placing a student or students in reasonable fear of physical harm to the student or damage to the student’s property;
    (iii) Causing emotional distress to a student or students; or
    (iv) Creating a hostile educational environment; or
    B) If the act takes place off school property or outside of a school-sponsored activity, it is directed specifically at a student or students and has the effect of creating a hostile educational environment or otherwise creating a substantial disruption to the education environment or learning process.
    All students are expected to refrain from acts of harassment, intimidation and bullying or cyber-bullying in any form and to be aware that such disciplinary measures as are appropriately assigned in Board policy J-191 will be utilized for the unacceptable behavior described above.
    At the beginning of each school year, principals will provide this policy to parents and ensure that students are aware of the expectations for their behavior under this policy. This policy shall also be posted in the Board of Education policy page of the Knox County Schools website.
    To promote and foster intergroup awareness, appreciation and understanding by students of the diverse ethnic, racial, and cultural groups represented in the school district, United States, and the world, the Knox County Schools shall:
    1. Provide on-going professional development to prevent harassment, intimidation and bullying.
    2. Implement practices to achieve safer and less violent schools for students, teachers and administrators.
    3. Endeavor to ensure that the curriculum does not promote stereotypical views of any group and recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of all peoples.
    Students who feel they are being harassed, bullied or intimidated may report this concern to any teacher or school administrator or the office of the Superintendent using any means of communication with which they feel comfortable. Students may report anonymously, and anonymous reports will be treated with the same level of urgency as all other reports.
    All school employees are required to report alleged violations of this policy to the principal or the principal’s designee for investigation and appropriate action. Submission of a written incident report to the principal is required by all district employees. Oral reports will also be considered official reports. Reports may be made anonymously, but formal disciplinary action may not be based solely on the basis of an anonymous report. Once a report is received, the principal or his or her designee must initiate an investigation with forty-eight (48) hours unless the need for additional time is appropriately documented. An appropriate intervention must be initiated within twenty (20) calendar days from the receipt of the report unless the need for more time is appropriately documented. Parents must be immediately informed if their student is involved in an act of harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyber-bullying.
    A school employee, student or volunteer who possesses reliable information that a student has electronically transmitted a credible threat to cause bodily injury or death to another student or school employee shall report such information to the Principal or other school administrator. The Principal shall, in consultation with the appropriate district administrative personnel, make a determination regarding the disposition of the report with respect to appropriate investigations and disciplinary actions.3
    Failure to report reliable information about an electronically transmitted credible threat to a student or employee may result in disciplinary action for the student or employee withholding the information. If a volunteer fails to report such information, the volunteer may be restricted from volunteering at any further school related activities.
    A school employee, student or volunteer may not engage in reprisal or retaliation against a victim of, witness to, or person with reliable information about an act of harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyber-bullying.4
    No student shall be the subject of reprisal for any report of bullying, harassment and intimidation. Students found to have perpetrated acts of reprisal shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action as described in Board Policy J-191.4, 5
    Consequences for a student found to have falsely accused another as a means of harassment, intimidation or bullying range from behavioral interventions up to and including suspension or expulsion, as permitted under Board Policy J-191.
    The following factors will be considered in determining the appropriate response to students who commit one or more acts of harassment, intimidation, bullying or cyber-bullying:
    1. The developmental level and maturity levels of the parties involved;
    2. The levels of harm as determined by the student’s ability to be educated in a safe and orderly environment;
    3. The surrounding circumstances;
    4. The nature of the behavior(s);
    5. Past incidences or continuing patterns of behavior;
    6. The relationships between the parties involved; and
    7. The context in which the alleged incidents occurred.
    Consequences and appropriate remedial action for students who commit acts of harassment, intimidation or bullying may range from behavioral interventions up to and including suspension or expulsion. The appropriate action will be consistent with established Board policy, case law, and federal and state statutes.

    No medication of any kind shall be self-administered by students at school except when medication must be given on a long-term basis and is necessary to be given during school hours in order for the student to remain in school. Over the counter (0.T.C.) medications are included in these regulations. Any student who is required to take medications must comply with the following regulations:
    (K.C. Board Policy JGCB)
    * All medications (prescription and nonprescription) that must be administered during the school day require written orders on a Knox County Physician Form from a physician, dentist , nurse practitioner, or D.A. who has the legal right to write a prescription. Parent/Guardian signature is also required on this form. Only one medication per
    Physician Form is allowed. The original Knox County Form must be kept at the school. These forms are available in the school office. A parent/guardian must bring the medication
    to the school office to be checked in or to administer the medication to his/her own child

    • Students are not allowed to transport medication to and from school.
    • Over-the-Counter medication prescribed for a student must be in an unopened original container and must be labeled with the student's name. Prescription medications must be in the original bottle from the pharmacy with the student's name, medication name, date, and dosage clearly marked.
    • All medications must be secured and dispensed in the school office. This applies to both prescription and nonprescription medications.
    • Failure to follow the medication policy may result in a Zero Tolerance offense.

    According to School Board policy, maximum effort is made in all classrooms to provide a quality learning experience each day; therefore, time out of a class represents a loss of valuable learning. Knox County's policies for attendance are designed to encourage students to take personal responsibility for their class attendance and tardies, to provide an opportunity for students to make up work missed, and to eliminate excessive absences from their attendance record.

    1. Students with 5 unexcused absences from school may receive a letter from Juvenile Court warning of potential court action. At 10 unexcused absences, student and parent may be required to attend a Juvenile Court hearing. When a student is absent, the parent will be notified by School Messenger. These absences are cumulative for the entire school year and relate to school absences only, not individual class absences. Excused absences for the following reasons do not count toward those reported to Juvenile Court. Documentation must be submitted within 5 days of absence(sl.
    • Personal or family illness
    • Hardship in family
    • Death in family
    • Court
    • Religious holidays
    2. Students who are TRUANT may be subject to disciplinary actions.
    3. Students may sometimes be absent from the regular classroom for required class activities (i.e. Band concerts, special tests, etc.) or for activities at which
    students represent the school (i.e. basketball games, track meets, 4-H, etc.).

    Bus transportation is provided for Knox County students who live outside the Parental Responsibility Zones (PRZ) for each school. A map of these zones, as well as a listing of bus stops and pick-up times. is available in the Guidance Office or the Knox County Transportation Office.
    Discipline on our school buses is a priority in order to insure the safety of all children. Bus transportation provided by the Knox County School System is considered to be an extension of the school day. Therefore, just as appropriate behavior is expected in the classroom, it is expected on the bus. Knox County bus rules are posted on each bus; failure to cooperate with driver may result in removal of student riding privileges and/or suspension from the bus.

    (Handled by Administration)

    • Eating or drinking on the bus
    • Failure to remain seated
    • Improper boarding departing procedures
    • Refusing to obey driver
    • Loud, rude, or abusive behavior
    • Profane language/obscene gestures
    • Any behavior jeopardizing safety
    • Other
    • Third violation of Level I behavior
    • Tampering with bus equipment
    • Fighting/pushing/tripping
    • Bringing articles aboard the bus of injurious or objectionable nature
    • Destruction of property (Principal to determine if parent/guardian is responsible for damages and the appropriate amount.)
    • Possession and/or use of tobacco products
    • Profane language/obscene gestures
    • Throwing objects in or out of bus
    • Hanging out bus window
    • Other
    • Third violation of Level II behavior
    • Physical assault/verbal threat directed to bus driver
    • Attempting to set fire to seat, hair, clothing, etc.
    • Possession and/or use of alcohol, drugs, or drug paraphernalia
    • Possession of weapon
    • Use of chemical substance with intent to do bodily harm
    • Unapproved use of emergency exits on bus
    • Other
    • Written reprimand (maximum l warning)
    • Bus riding suspension (3 to 5 days)
    • Out-of-school suspension
    • Assigned seating

    • Bus riding suspension (minimum 5 school days)
    • Repeat occurrence of Level II violation (minimum 15 school days bus riding suspension)
    • Out-of-school suspension

    • Bus riding suspension (minimum 30-maximum 180 school days)
    • Out-of-school suspension
    • Action by the Board of Education (up to and including expulsion)
    • Appropriate legal action

    Approved July 2000
    By Knox County School Board
    (Revised June 2009)
    The following expectations for student dress have been established to promote a safe and optimum learning environment. Apparel or appearance , which lends to draw attention to an individual rather than to a learning situation, must be avoided. In matters of opinion, the judgment of the principal/designee shall prevail.
    1. Pants must be worn at the waist. No sagging allowed.
    2. Shirts, blouses, and dresses must completely cover the abdomen , back, shoulders and must have sleeves. Shirts or tops must cover the waistband of pants, shorts or shirts with no midriff visible. Low-cut blouses, shirts, or tops or extremely tight tops, tube tops, or any top that exposes cleavage are prohibited.
    3. Head apparel, except for religious or medical purposes, must not be worn inside the school building.
    4. Footwear is required and must be safe and appropriate for indoor and outdoor activity.
    5. Clothing and accessories such as backpacks, patches, jewelry and notebooks must not display: (1) racial or ethnic slurs/symbols, (2) gang affiliations , (3) vulgar,     subversive, or sexually suggestive language or images; nor should they promote products which students may not legally buy: such as alcohol. tobacco, and             illegal drugs
    6. Skirts, dresses and shorts must be beyond fingertip length
    7. Sleepwear, pajamas, and/or blankets cannot be worn in school.
    8. Prohibited items include (1) large, long and/or heavy chains, (2) studded or chained accessories, (3) sunglasses except for health purposes, and (4) skin-tight          outer materials such as spandex.
    • The school administration reserves the right to determine whether the student's attire is within the limits of decency and modesty.
    • The principal may allow exceptions in special circumstances or occasions such as holidays or special performances and may further prescribe dress in certain classes    such as physical education , vocational classes and science labs.
    • Any student not attired in accordance with the foregoing policy shall be subject to the following consequences:
          a. Correct the violation or spend the remainder of the day in in-school suspension
          b. Repeat offenders shall be subject to additional measures that include parent conferences, in-school suspension and out-of-school suspensions as described in             the county-wide discipline policy

    ./ No pushing, scuffling, or horseplay
    ./ No harassing, or name-calling .
    ./ No P.D.A (public display of affection)
    ./ No Fighting (totally unacceptable)

    To avoid excessive announcements, interruptions, and the overloading of office personnel, only emergency messages or packages (such as forgotten lunches, lunch money, etc.) from parents or guardians will be accepted for distribution to students during school hours. Students will be called to the office at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Deliveries such as flowers . balloons. etc. will be distributed to students at the end of the school day. The school will not accept deliveries on high volume days - i.e. Valentine's Day.

    • All food and drinks must be consumed in DESIGNATED AREAS only unless by special permission.
    • Eating areas are to be left clean and trash-free and trays properly returned to designed area.
    • Visitors are not permitted in the cafeteria during lunch periods without administrative approval.
    • Each student is to use his/her personal cafeteria number only. This number is not to be used by any other student, with or without the permission of the owner.
    • Students must present all food and drink items to a cashier for payment. Food or drink not presented and paid for will be considered stolen, and appropriate disciplinary actions will be assigned.
    • All school behavior guidelines should be followed during lunch.
    • No food and drink (except water) is permitted in classrooms or other instructional areas except by special permission .
    Students should not bring iPods, MP3 players, CD players, headsets, large amounts of money or other personal belongings to school due to the risk of loss or theft . iPods, MP3 players, CD players, headsets, cell phones, et . should not be used during instructional time. The school will not be liable for loss or theft or for conducting searches or investigations for lost or stolen items.

    All class grades are cumulative, representing all class work from beginning of the course to the date of the report. Each successive report is not the average of previous grade reports; rather, it represents the compiled scores of all daily lessons , homework, projects, quizzes, examinations and other classroom assignments during the entire 22, 45, 67, or 90 days covered by the report_

    Progress reports and report cards will be distributed .within 5 days of the end of the grading period.

    A 93-100
    B 85-92
    C 75-84
    D 70-74
    F 0-69

    • Honors Exams will count 10% of the final grade for the semester.
    • Honors Exams and End of Course Algebra I in May count 25% of final grade.

    Office Policies

    The school office is open from 7:30a.m. until 4:00p.m. We can be reached by phone at 865-539-5145. Our goal, as an office staff, is to create a family friendly atmosphere focused on the best interest of students. Our office policies are as follows:

    • All parent and medical excuses should be submitted to your child’s homeroom teacher within 5 days of returning to school.
    • Any notes received after 5 days of the absence will be unexcused per KCS policy.
    Early Check Out and Dismissal
    • A note must be sent to your child’s homeroom teacher the morning of early check-out.
    • Parents must sign their child out in the main office.
    • A photo ID is required.
    • Only persons listed on your child’s emergency contact information may sign-out your child.
    • We will not be able to accept faxes and or phone calls for student check-out.
    • To minimize disruptions during instructional time, please avoid checking your child out after 3:00p.m.
    Late Check In and Tardy
    • Students must check-in on the School Check In Computer.
    • A parent is not required to assist with check-in but is always welcome.
    Guidelines for Student Messages and Packages
    • In an effort to avoid classroom interruptions, students will be called to the main office at 10:00a.m. & 2:00p.m. to pick up their items and messages.
    Office Phone Procedures
    • Students may use the office phone if he or she has forgotten necessary items.
    • Students may not use the office phone to ask permission to go home with a friend.
    • Students are permitted to use the phone in the classroom in emergency situations.
    • All visitors and volunteers must check-in at the main office.
    Bus Notes
    • A student must have a note signed by a parent/guardian with the number of the bus that they are requesting permission to ride if it differs from their usual mode of transportation.
    • Bus notes should be submitted to the office by the student no later than 8:45a.m. for approval.
    Holiday/Birthday Deliveries
    • Regretfully, we do not accept deliveries for students such as flowers, balloons, etc. for holidays or birthdays.
    • WVMS prohibits parents/guardians from delivering any food and/or drinks from commercial restaurants (including “group lunches”, treats, etc.) due to students          with certain food allergies.
    • Food from commercial restaurants is prohibited during cafeteria hours.
    • Knox County Schools policy states that no medication, of any kind, can be given to a student until a physician has completed the appropriate form.
    • Forms can be found on our website at www.westvalleyms.knoxschools.org or in our main office.
    • Students are not allowed to carry medication except for the following:
       Cough drops
       Certain asthmatic inhalers (if the proper medication forms are completed and on file at the school).

    Sports Physicals
    • All students are required to have a completed Knox County Sports Physical form before trying out for a school sport.
    • Forms are valid for the current school year only.
    • Please make a copy of your child’s physical form for your files.
    • Physical forms can be found on our website or in the main office.
    • In an effort to be fiscally responsible the main office staff will no longer be able to make copies for non-staff members.
    • Conferences should be scheduled by emailing your child’s homeroom teacher or by leaving a message in the main office requesting a call from your child’s               homeroom teacher.
    • Parents may schedule times to observe a classroom (s) by contacting a teacher and/or an administrator prior to the visit.
    • In order to avoid disrupting the learning environment, parents and other visitors may not visit a classroom unannounced.
    • If your child is absent, and you would like to make arrangements to retrieve make-up work, please email his/her homeroom teacher or contact the main office.
    • Feel free to call the main office at 865-539-5145 to confirm that your child’s work is ready for pick-up.
    Cell Phones at School
    • Please refrain from using cell phones in the school and in the main office to promote a culture of professionalism.
    • Students are prohibited from using cell phones during instructional time.
    The Knox County School System affirms that it will comply with Title IX of the Educational Amendment of 1972, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, Title VI and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and Age Discrimination Act in Employment Act of 1967.

    No person shall, on the ground of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability or veteran status, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance or be subjected to discrimination in employment opportunities or benefits.

    Anyone who believes that Knox County School System has discriminated against them or another individual may file a complaint. Knox County Schools has designated the following people to handle such grievances to comply with the law. Student complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability should be directed to the Section 504 Compliance Coordinator, Room 909 of the Andrew Johnson Building at (865) 594-1540. Complaints of discrimination on the basis of disability, sex, race, color, religion, national origin, age, or veteran status should be directed to the Title VI, Title IX and ADA Coordinator, Room 1517 of the Andrew Johnson Building at (865) 594-1918 and/or the following:

    Title VI Coordinator 
    Tennessee Department of Education
    The Office for Civil Rights
    U.S. Department of Education
    P.O. Box 2048, 04-3010
    Atlanta, Georgia 30301-2048

    Under the Tennessee State Board of Education Unsafe School Choice Policy, any public school student who is the victim of a violent crime as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 40- 38-11(g), or the attempt to commit one of these one of these offenses as defined under Tennessee Code Annotated 39-12-101, shall be provided an opportunity to transfer to another grade-level appropriate school within the district.
    Additional information regarding this option may be obtained by contacting Brian Hartsell at 594-1502.

    Knox County Schools (KCS) is an equal opportunity provider of services and employment. KCS respects, celebrates and encourages diversity that positively contributes to the community. KCS believes diversity encompasses but is not limited t ethnicity, race, age, age, gender, economic circumstances, sexual orientation, physical and mental abilities, education level, philosophy and geographic location. The Knox County Schools will not discriminate or limit access to any educator, principal, student, or community member on the basis of gender, race, national origin, religion, color, disability, or age. The participants of this proposal are reflective of the above commitment to compliance. The resources of the Knox County Schools (TN} and their grant partners are broad in their support of the various needs of the students and services include but are not limited to hearing, speech and vision services, physical access management, health related support for various limitations, curricular differentiation and advisement for multiple skill levels and learning sites, academic mentorship, and broadly focused guidance for students. The Knox county Schools (TN) continue to be committed in its support of all equity statues as required by Federal law and actively pursues compliance on an ongoing basis. A formal grievance process that is open and accessible has been established for monitoring compliance and addressing concerns. Inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies should be made to the Knox County Schools, director of Human Resources, 912 S. Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902.

    Civility Code BK 4/11
    It is the intent of the Board to promote mutual respect, civility and orderly conduct among district employees, parents and the general public. This policy provides rules of conduct that both permit and encourage participation in school activities and communication between parents, community members and school district personnel. This policy also identifies those behaviors that are considered inappropriate and disruptive to the operation of a school or other school district facility. It is not the intent of the Board to deprive any person of his or her right to freedom of expression.
    Students, faculty, staff, parents, guardians and all other members of the community shall:
    1. Treat one another with courtesy and respect at all times.
    2. Take responsibility for one's actions.
    3. Be cooperative, to the greatest extent possible, toward one another and in solving problems based on what is in the best interest of students .
    4. Refrain from behavior that threatens or attempts to disrupt school or school district operations; physically harms someone; intentionally causes damage; employs loud or offensive language, gestures, or profanity; or inappropriately shows a display of temper.

    The Board does not condone a lack of civility by anyone, and recognizes the following appropriate administrative avenues for aggrieved parties to seek action or redress.

    1. A student who believes that he or she has not been treated in a manner reflective of the Code of Civility should report such behavior to the appropriate building level administrator.
    2. A parent, guardian or community member who believes that he or she has not been treated in a manner reflective of the Code of Civility should report such behavior to the staff member's immediate supervisor or the student's appropriate building level administrator.
    3. An employee who believes that he or she has not been treated in a manner reflective of the Code of Civility should address the concern through the appropriate supervisory chain. If personal harm s threatened, the employee shall notify their supervisor and may also contact law enforcement. If a communication such as voice mail or e-mail or any type of written communication is demeaning, abusive, threatening or obscene the employee is not obligated to respond.
    4. Any visitor on school district property who has breached this Civility Code may be directed to leave the premises by an administrator or security officer. If such person does not immediately and willingly leave, law enforcement may be called.