Homeroom Teacher Supply Wish List:

    2 large boxes of tissues

    1 roll of paper towels

    1 package of antibacterial wipes (i.e. Clorox or Lysol) (Boys only)

    1 bottle of hand sanitizer (Girls only)

    Dry erase markers

    2 combination locks (one for locker and one for gym locker)

    1 package Baby wipes


    Required For All Classes: some of the items below may need to be replaced midyear 

    3-ring binder (i.e. trapper keeper ) 

    Pencil pouch 


    Handheld pencil sharpener

    Glue sticks - (at least 2 large)


    Colored pencils

    Gel pens


    Scotch tape

    Ear buds 


    Reading/Language Arts:

    1 inch binder with plastic covers on front and back.

    Dividers (8)

    Notebook paper

    Post It Notes



    1 1/2 inch or larger binder for Ms. Varnes and Mr. Wells's Math classes 

    3 or 5 subject notebook for Mrs.Briselden's and Ms. Montgomery's classes

    TI-30 XIIS Calculator

    Paper (either loose leaf or in spiral)

    Graph Paper

    Pocket dividers (at least 5)


    1 1&1/2 inch 3 ring binder
    1 package notebook paper
    1 package of dividers with 8 tabs
    *Wish Item* Ziplock bags (sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes)
    Social Studies: 
    *2 Five subject notebooks (1 for each semester) for Mrs, Vartan's class
    ** 2 Three or Five subject notebook(1 for each semester) and 1 folder for Mr. Holden's class
    *** 2 Five subject notebooks (1 for each semester) and 1 folder for Mrs. Stady's class