Volunteer Policies and Procedures

SKE welcomes volunteers!  Please review volunteer levels and the Knox County policies and procedures below.


LEVELS 1 & 2:  Basic (single-page handwritten form):  The volunteer is under teacher supervision at all times with limited student interaction.

 Example (level 1): Volunteer makes copies for the teacher.

 Example (level 2): Volunteer helps with a classroom party.

 *Please send a signed volunteer confidentiality form to Mr. Casteel to become level 2. The form is available below. Printed copies are also available in the office.


LEVELS 3 & 4:  Full Online Background Check: Less teacher supervision is required.

Example (Level 3): Volunteer tutors a student in the hallway.

 Example (Level 3): Volunteer leads a small group during a field trip for a short time.

 Example (Level 4): Volunteer takes a child to a place outside the school one-on-one. (special permission granted by the child’s parent)

 *Please contact Mr. Casteel at craig.casteel@knoxschools.org. Explain your intended volunteer role. You will be sent a specific SKE link to the volunteer background check.


KCS Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement (Level 2)

KCS Board Volunteer Policy 

KCS Volunteer Procedure