• Author Michael Finklea will visit the school on September 27! He will be here at 12:30 for Pre-K to 2nd Grade. 3rd to 5th graders will see him at 1:15. Michael will talk about the writing process, being positive and never giving up, and how to make stories more interesting. He will read some of his books to students. Books are on sale afer each session. Michael is personally autographing his books here at SKE. 


  • Kindergarten students may check out one book every week. First grade students may check out two books every week (beginning after Fall Break). Second through fifth grade students may check out two books for up to a two week period. Students may also exchange books on open access days. Electronic book checkouts do not count against these limits.


    Students are responsible for borrowed library books. Replacement fees will be assessed for lost or damaged books.



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