Please visit our digital resources below, especially when we are unable to check out books in the library. Mackin Via is a library where students can check out their own electronic books for one week at a time. 

    If you need help with passwords, or have any questions, please contact me at 





  • Kindergarten and First Grade students may check out one book every week. Second through fifth grade students may check out two books for up to a two week period. Students may also exchange books on open access days. Electronic book checkouts do not count against these limits. Electronic books can be found through Mackin Via or Follett Books in the links below. Students are responsible for borrowed library books. Replacement fees will be assessed for lost or damaged books.


    2020-21 UPDATE: Checkout limits will remain the same. All students may keep books checked out for 3 weeks. Books returned to the library will stay in a quarantine box for at least 72 hours. The library system will not register books late until 4 weeks due to the extended quarantine period. 


    SKE Library Hours:
    7:15 - 3:15
    Librarian: Craig Casteel