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Attendance Matters

Please make every effort to have your child at school every day and on time. 

The School day starts at 7:45. Therefore, please be sure your child is walking through the front doors by 7:30. This allows time for him / her to settle into class without feeling rushed. If your child is sick or needs to miss school, you must send in a note explaining the absence. 

The following outlines the Knox County School Board Policy on attendance: 

Grades 1-5

In order to be counted present on any and all accounting attendance records, students in grades 1-12 shall attend school for a time period of three (3) hours and thirty (30) minutes per school day. Students who attend less than three (3) hours and thirty (30) minutes per school day will be recorded and reported as absent on any and all attendance records. 

Excusable reasons for student absences:

Personal Illness
Illness in the family temporarily requiring help from the child
Death in the family
Recognized religious holidays observed by persons of the student's faith.
Verifiable family emergencies. 

Excuses for absences must be made in writing to the principal or administrative designee by a parent or guardian. Written excuses must be submitted within five (5) days of the student's return to school. Any absence not complying with the above reasons for excused absences will be considered unexcused. An example of an unexcused absence would be family vacations taken during the school year.