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Bus Information

Bus Information

Waiting at the Bus Stop: Students should be standing at the bus stop 5-minutes before their scheduled "Stop Time" listed on the Bus Stop Locator.  Students should not wait in a vehicle.  Being visible to the bus driver as the bus approaches ensures student safety as the bus has blind spots where approaching students will not be seen.  


Riding Home with a Friend: Students must have a written note from a parent, signed by the principal, to ride home with a friend or get off the bus anywhere other than their designated stop.  Without an authorized note, the bus driver will take the student to their designated stop, or back to school if they are not on their regularly assigned bus.  If a student wants to ride home with a friend but the bus is over capacity, the student will not be able to ride. 


Eating/Drinking on the Bus: According to KCS Board of Education policy, eating and drinking on the bus is prohibited.  This policy was established out of an abundance of caution with the intent to reduce the risk of choking or causing an allergic reaction.  


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