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Insurance and Device Agreement Information

Chromebook Device Agreement

You will need your child's Knox County Schools student ID number to complete this form.  This information can be found in the Aspen Family Portal, or you can contact your child's school to obtain the student ID number.  This is the same number that students use to login to Chromebooks and access grades in Aspen.  Students should know this number!

Students who do not have a completed 2022-23 Chromebook Device Agreement in Incident IQ will NOT be allowed to remove school technology devices from the building.  Please make every effort to complete the 2022-23 Chromebook Device Agreement BEFORE Chromebook Deployment takes place at your child's school (usually during the first or second week of school).

Device Agreement

KCS Device Insurance Payment Deadline: 9/30/22

Knox County Schools is proud to offer a device protection plan to all students in grades K-12. This plan covers accidental damage to school-issued devices. Our goal is to provide an option to limit a family's financial responsibility for some types of damage. 

Payments are submitted through School Cash Online.

**Device Protection Plan Description** $20 non-refundable annual fee (premium) due on or before Sept. 30, 2022, for the 2022-2023 school year.

**Device Protection Plan Coverages**

- Accidental Damage: The plan pays for drops, liquid damage, or other unintentional acts of damage to the device. This includes, but is not limited to the screen, keyboard, bezel, ports/buttons, or battery.

- Theft: Damage or loss due to theft. The claim requires the student or family to submit a police report.

- Fire: Pays for loss or damage due to fire; requires a report from the investigating authority.

- Electrical surge: Pays for damage due to electrical power surges.

- Natural disaster: Pays for damage caused by a natural disaster.



The device protection plan will cover one total loss within a three-year time frame. Covered accidental repairs will remain covered, even after a total device claim.

Example: Your student accidentally spills liquid on their Chromebook and has insurance. The student will receive a replacement Chromebook at no additional cost. Later that same year, the same student breaks a Chromebook screen. The student will not be charged for that Chromebook repair. The family will incur a replacement fee if the student has another total loss over the next two years.

**Device Protection Plan Exclusions**

- Intentional Damage. The protection plan does not pay for damage caused by negligent or intentional acts. Damage determined to be intentional will incur a replacement fee.

- Lost/Damaged Consumables. Power adapter ($20 replacement cost) is not covered under the plan.

- Lost/Missing devices are not covered under the insurance plan ($250 replacement cost).

- Cosmetic alterations. Any device personalization will be charged for the replacement cost of the damaged part(s). This includes stickers, markings, graffiti, etc.

- Hacking. Damage caused by illegal access to any system is not covered. "Jailbreaking” or “rooting” the device in an attempt to remove built-in system protections may be assessed a fee.

- Liability. Knox County Schools is not liable for any loss or damages including, but not limited to accidental, consequential, or punitive damages caused directly or indirectly by the equipment.


SchoolCash Online login link: Device Insurance payments can also be mailed. Please send a check to: KCS Device Insurance, PO BOX 314, Knoxville, TN 37901. Please include student ID on memo.

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