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Rocky Hill Library Media Center

  • Book Checkout

    Students in grades K-1 may check out one book each week. Students in grades 2-4 may check out 2 books per week. 5th graders may check out 3 books per week. If a student needs extra books for a school project, just ask! Students are expected to have their library books with them each time they come for library media class. Students are welcome to renew books as needed unless there is a high demand for a particular title. 

    Lost or Damaged Books

    While we do not charge fines for overdue books, students are expected to return their library books before checking out new books. The replacement fee for books that are lost or damaged must be paid before additional library books may be checked out. End of year report cards will be held until books have been returned or paid for. A $15 fee will be charged for each lost or damaged book unless otherwise noted.  Checks can be made out to Rocky Hill Elementary.  If the cost is prohibitive, please contact Mrs. Bennett about an alternate arrangement. 

    RHES MakerSpace

    The RHES MakerSpace is a space in our library where students can design, create, code, and test their own ideas using LEGOs and other building supplies, craft materials, codable robots, book making supplies, digital apps and more.  Students become the teachers when using the MakerSpace as they share their ideas and skills with others. We are empowered when we learn from each other!  If you would like to donate supplies for our MakerSpace or have a maker skill you'd like to share with students, please contact 

    Volunteer @ RHES Library! 

    Library volunteers are always needed to help shelve books, assist with kindergarten checkout, make book displays and help process books. Please visit our library volunteer sign up page and choose times that fit your schedule. We circulate over 1600 books each week. Library volunteers make this possible! 

    Library Media Specialist

    Hi, my name is Rebecca Bennett. I'm excited to be the library media specialist at RHES! I have a M.Ed in Instructional Technology with School Library Media from the University of Georgia. This is my 6th year as a school library media specialist. I have also taught 1st grade and was a reading specialist for grades K-3. It is my joy to share the love of reading with nearly 800 students at Rocky Hill Elementary! In library media classes, students are encouraged to read for enjoyment and to learn as they develop skills and strategies to help them become life long learners. I firmly believe that knowlege is power and that students are empowered when they are taught how to be resourceful users and sharers of information.  


KCS Library Media Mission and Beliefs


    LMS Vision


    KCS Librarians/Media Specialists Beliefs 


    We believe the Library Media Specialist will:
    • Promote a love of reading.
    • Create a safe and inviting environment for all learners. Cultivate a spirit of inquiry.
    • Collect a rich variety of resources to support the needs of each learner.
    • Provide equitable information access to all learners.
    • Teach learners:
      • To access information efficiently for a variety of purposes.
      • To evaluate and discern among information sources.
      • To use information critically, effectively, and ethically.
    • Collaborate with students and teachers to decide the best methods for creating and sharing information.
    • Integrate services with the school’s mission and goals.
    • Model lifelong learning by engaging in relevant and sustained professional development.