Hours: 7:45am-3:15pm

Rocky Hill Library Media Center

  • Book Checkout

    Students in grades K-1 may check out one book each week. Students in grades 2-4 may check out 2 books per week. 5th graders may check out 3 books per week. If a student needs extra books for a school project, just ask! Students are expected to have their library books with them each time they come for library class. Students are welcome to renew books as needed unless there is a high demand for a particular title. 

    Lost or Damaged Books 

    While we do not charge fines for overdue books, students are expected to return their library books before checking out new books. The replacement fee for books that are lost or damaged must be paid before additional library books may be checked out. End of year report cards will be held until books have been returned or paid for. A $15 fee will be charged for each lost or damaged book unless otherwise noted.  Checks can be made out to Rocky Hill Elementary.  If the cost is prohibitive, please contact Mrs. Thompson about an alternate arrangement. 
    Book Donations
    Donated books are always welcome; however, I may not be able to use them for our library. Books that I cannot use will be taken to McKay Used Books in exchange for books that can be used. 

    Volunteer @ RHES Library! 

    Library volunteers are always needed to help shelve books, assist with kindergarten checkout, make book displays and help process books. We circulate over 1600 books each week! Library volunteers make this possible! If interested in volunteering, please email Mrs. Thompson at rachel.thompson2@knoxschools.org