• Hi!  My name is Deedee Brownlee and I'm the school counselor at Maynard Elementary School.  This is my eighth year at Maynard!  I'm here on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays.  
    It is my goal at Maynard to work together with all stakeholders (parents, caregivers, grandparents, community partners, staff, etc) to guide our students in making smart informed choices so that they can be their best at school and throughout their lives.  To do this, I provide a comprehensive school counseling program with three domains: personal/social, academic, and career.  In each domain, I focus on teaching social/emotional development, decision making and problem solving skills.
    Maynard Elementary School Counseling Program includes (but is NOT limited to):
    1. Individual counseling
    2. Small Group counseling
    3. Classroom Guidance lessons 
    4. Consultation and Collaboration with all stakeholders
    5. Parent meetings
    6. Character education/awards program

    Please contact me with any questions or comments!  My email is: deedee.brownlee@knoxschools.org and our phone number at Maynard is (865) 594-1333.