• Hi!  My name is Deedee Brownlee and I'm the school counselor at Maynard Elementary School.  This is my second year at Maynard and every day I love it a little more!  This year I am only at Maynard on Mondays.  
    It is my goal to encourage all Maynard students to make good choices so that they can be their best.  To do this, I provide a comprehensive school counseling program to all students with three domains: personal/social, academic, and career.  In each domain, I focus on teaching decision making and problem solving skills.
    Maynard Elementary School Counseling Program includes (but is NOT limited to):
    1. Individual counseling
    2. Small Group counseling
    3. Classroom Guidance lessons 
    4. Consultation and Collaboration with all stakeholders
    5. Parent meetings
    6. Character education/award program

    Please contact me with any questions or comments!  My email is: deedee.brownlee@knoxschools.org and our phone number at Maynard is (865) 594-1333.