Mill Creek Elementary School

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    Mrs. Van Valkenburgh has a BA in Human Growth and Learning K-8, a MA in Human Services Counseling: Marriage and Family, and is completing an endorsement program in Professional School Counseling. She has 13 years experience as a classroom teacher and is looking forward to using her education and life experience to serve the school community as a Professional School Counselor. Mrs. Van Valkenburgh will be serving Mill Creek Elementary part time this school year.




    Click on Mrs. Van Valkenburgh’s bitmoji to visit the virtual counseling office where you can find a link to her email, the link to a student referral form and explore activities.


    Mill Creek Elementary School offers a wide variety of counseling services that follow the American School Counseling Association's national model. Our framework consists of the following four components: define, manage, deliver, and assess.


    Your Mill Creek Elementary School Counselor follows both student and professional standards that support the development and implementation of our program.


    We focus our helping role by practicing within the mission set forth by the Counseling Department within Knox County Schools. The mission statement can be found below:

    "The mission of the Knox County School Counseling Program is to provide every student with a comprehensive school counseling program centered around an engaging curriculum that encourages growth in academic, career and personal/social domains".


    Your Mill Creek Elementary School Counselor will deliver both direct and indirect services through our school counseling curriculum instruction, consultation, collaboration, and counseling services.


    With the support of our Advisory Council (which we plan to initiate this school year), we will strive to assess both our effectiveness and the contributions we make to all our students' development throughout their elementary school years.

    Curriculum Map for Classroom Lessons



    To fill out a student referral form, please either click on the Otter or use the QR code below. Mrs. Van Valkenburgh will review your concerns and move forward as soon as possible.