• Welcome back to Rocky Hill!  I hope everyone had a wonderful, fun filled summer.  As we begin a new school year, I spend a lot of time reconnecting with students and parents.  Here are some of the ways I'll be assisting students:

    Classroom Guidance Lessons
    I meet with each classroom through out the school year.  We focus on transitioning back to school, setting a positive tone for the year, and ensuring each student knows how to contact me for help if needed. We also focus on how to be a successful student, showing kindness, setting goals, and other lifeskills.  I will send a newsletter each 9-weeks to keep you informed on our topics during the school year.
    Consultation and Individual Students 
    Of course, I also consult with parents and teacher and work with individual students as needed.  Parents can email or call me directly to talk about their student or schedule a meeting.
    Needs Assessment Information
    There is a link to a Needs Assessment Survey that I would love if you would complete for me.  I would love to hear your feedback in order to improve my program.  Thanks!
    Again, welcome back to another year at Rocky Hill.  I'm excited to start the school year with you!
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