• Knox County Board Policy
    Children between the ages of six (6) and seventeen (17) years, must attend a public or private school. Under certain circumstances the Board may temporarily excuse students from complying with the provisions of the compulsory attendance law.

    Children entering Kindergarten shall be no less than five years of age on or before August 15. Any child six years of age on or before September 30, shall be eligible for first grade if he or she has attended an approved Kindergarten program.

    No child shall be eligible to enter first grade without having attended an approved kindergarten program.

    Special Education
    A child entering a special education program shall be no less than three (3) years of age.
  • When Do Absences Become a Problem?


    18 or more days



    10 to 17 days



    9 or fewer absences

    Note: These numbers assume a 180-day school year.


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