We are continuing to expand our maker space in the WVMS Library. We have four rooms that have been designated for this and they have been organized so that resources are easier to find.
     Maker Rm 1 houses materials for textiles (weaving, knitting, crochet yarn, looms, etc. ) In this room, you can also find duct tape of many different colors, origami paper, and books, colored paper for bookmaking and scrapbooks. We also have little plastic beads that can be ironed to create solid shapes. 
    Maker Rm 2 has two sewing machines, cloth, fleece, zippers, ribbons, embroidery threads, etc. Also, there are materials for painting/printing, google eyes, stamp carving. There is a sink for easy clean-up.
    Maker Rm 3 has tables for working and a myriad of boxes of materials: clothespins,  wire, feathers, cardboard, and so much more. There are also some technology-related kits -- Bloxels for use to make video games, Arduino, Raspberry Pi, etc. 
    The idea of our Makerspace is that students will direct their own learning and make/tinker according to their own interests and choices. We will offer challenge ideas and there will be optional activities on the Monday Makers after school until 5:00.  Students are welcome to come and work on their own projects. We offer materials (many will be collected from junk drawers in your homes) for students to recycle and create new things. Books, art, sculpture, gifts, furniture, robots, music -- whatever students can think of, they can create. 
    The library will be open early two mornings a week (Tuesday and Wednesday) at 7:30 and after school until 5:00 for students to work on projects. 
    Don't hesitate to contact me if you want to share a hobby or skill OR if you want to be a support person during our maker times in the mornings or on Monday afternoons. 
    Be sure to watch this video TED Talk  
    Places to look for interesting Maker Activities