Ms. Jenkins, 6th Grade Counselor


    Mrs. Mascarette, 7th Grade Counselor


    Mrs. Sudderth, 8th Grade Counselor


    What Does a School Counselor Do?

         School counselors are vital members of the education team that delivers a comprehensive school counseling program that focuses on career, emotional/social, and academic developmental needs of each student in the school. School counselors collaborate with other administrators, teachers, parents, and community members to enhance student achievement to ensure students become productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow.

         School counselors are advocates for all students and work with individuals to access resources to help the students and their families in their specific school community. Each school will look different. Therefore, school counselors develop his or her program based on the specific needs of that school.

         School counselors provide services through many avenues, including:

    • Classroom lessons: address important preventative and developmental topics, which cover social/emotional, career exploration, academic areas, and personal body safety
    • Small groups: provide additional learning experiences by giving students the opportunity to build relationships, practice new skills, and learn with the support of other group members
    • Individual counseling: offered on a short-term basis for a variety of student concerns
    • Consultation: working with parents, guardians, and teachers is a key part of the school counselor’s role as an advocate for students and their success in school