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TeacherPreneur Grant Winners


A huge GMA congratulations to one of our wonderful Special Education teachers, Tina Huff, for being the recipient of a $5,000 TeacherPreneur Grant!  This grant award program is funded by Great Schools Partnership and administered in partnership with Knox County Schools.  It aims to promote KCS teachers as education leaders and creative problem solvers by encouraging them to use the expertise and creativity to improve the learning opportunities provided to KCS students.  While the teachers are the recipients of the awards, it is the students who are the true beneficiaries of the program.


Mrs. Huff's grant funds will be used to create "Calm Corners" in every classroom.  A Calm Corner is a designated area in the classroom (not necessarily a corner) where a student can go to calm down and reset in order to be ready to learn.  The GMA Calm Corners will have a comfy bean bag chair, essential oil diffusers, and manipulatives, such as fidget spinners, among other things.  Students will be able to utilize the space when needed in order to regroup, refocus, and center themselves. Way to go Mrs. Huff!



2017 - 2018

Congratulations to Sandy Morris and GMA for being awarded $20,000 to fund the purchase of materials to stock the new Code & Robotics Lab.  Soon these kindergarten students and ALL students at GMA will have weekly lessons in code and robotics.  Students will be learning to program Sphero, Pro Bots, Ozobots, Code and Go Mouse, Cozmo Robots, Code-a-pillars, Cubelets and more with Mrs. I in the Tech Lab.  Such exciting news for GMA students!  A huge thanks to Great Schools Partnership and the Office of Innovation for giving teachers the opportunity to apply for funding for innovative programs.