• My name is Mrs. Hamilton and I am the School Counselor for Pond Gap Elementary. I have worked at Pond Gap since 2010, but have been a School Counselor since graduating from U.T. in 2003 with a Master's degree in School Counseling. Working with children is my passion because I believe that all children are capable of greatness. I believe in teaching the whole child, bridging school experiences to making long-term goals for success inside and out of the classroom. Together, we can raise our children to be SAFE, RESPECTFUL, RESPONSIBLE, and KIND! 

    School Counselors work with all children in a school. Below are some of the in which I might get to know your child:

    • Large classroom Leadership classes are scheduled upon teacher request. These topics might include bullying, friendship skills, character education, goal-setting and academic planning, and college and career.
    • Individual counseling sessions are conducted upon teacher, parent, or child referral.
    • Voluntary small-group counseling or 'friendship' groups usually meet during recess or lunch with parent notification.

    If you child needs some extra help making good friends, making good grades, or even just making good choices, please let me know so that I can help!

    Anna Hamilton


    909-9040 on Mondays and Thursdays