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Pursing excellence in student nutrition, one bite at a time.

Online Meal Prepayments

Please be aware that PayPams will no longer be utilized by Knox County Schools and has been replaced with

Community Eligibility Program

Select Knox County schools will be taking part in the Community Eligibility Program during the 16-17 school year. What this means is that students attending a participating school will be offered both breakfast and lunch meals at no charge, regardless of eligibility status. For a complete listing of schools, please click here.

Free & Reduced Applications

We are slowly moving away from paper applications for Free & Reduced. This year we will begin to offer a limited number of paper applications in order to offer more efficient and speedier application processing. To apply,go to
  • A letter with more information will be sent to you. If you have not received a letter, please contact your student's school office for one.
  • If your student attends a school participating in the Community Eligibility Program, you will not have to fill out a traditional Free & Reduced application as you have in prior years. If you have a student attending a non-participating school, you will need to complete a Free & Reduced application.

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