For Parents

  • We are excited to connet with our families and share valuable resources. A strong connection between home and school is critical for a child's success. By visiting resources and staying in contact with your child's teacher will promote carryover skills between home and school! As a staff we want to work closely with families to ensure students are reaching their greatest potential. 

    Communication Tips- Let's Go Outside!

    1. Where should we go? Making choices and giving directions for specific locations (e.g. go there, on swings, under tree)

    2. How should we move? Good opportunity to practice verbs and descriptors (e.g. go, jump, walk, fast, slow, big, little)

    3. Practice or introduce higher level vocabulary: Lots of great ways to intorduce new vocabulary words in conversation (e.g. Let's collect some pinecones. Collect means to get and keep something.) Try to encourage your child to use some of the words your child knows, but rarely use. OR ask your child to show oyu something they like and label the vocabulary word.

    4. Get emotional: Use a broader range of words to describe feelings and emotions. Being outside offers opportunities to go beyond the basics and practice words like calm, excited, and joyful.

    5. Make predictions and inferences: Being outdoors offers opportunities to observe, think, and discuss (e.g. How do you know it rained last night? Why do you think she is crying?) 

Fun links

  • Find lots of activities and games on the following sites!