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We want to take this opportunity to extend a welcome to you as we begin another year at Halls High School. As we do each year, the Administration and Faculty are prepared to do our very best to provide a safe, academically challenging environment in order for you to pursue a goal that we both share--your graduation from high school. This is our goal for you, and it begins the day that you walk into the doors of this school. Along the way we will provide you with a quality education, with multiple extracurricular opportunities, and with the collective wisdom of a faculty that can impart “real world” knowledge into each day’s lesson plans.
Halls High School Mission Statement 
Our goal is to prepare each student to be thoughtful, confident and self-reliant, equipped with the knowledge and integrity to face the challenges of his/her complex world.



Drivers Education List

This is not a guarantee that you will be placed in Drivers Education.  Unfortunately, scheduling conflicts arise which prohibit the placement of students in their preferred classes.  We will make every attempt to place you in Driver’s Education.

Veronica Williford

Devin Hahn

Austin Bradford

Braden Butler

Diandra Wolfe

Andrew Lee

Emily Holcomb

Lexi Warren

Nicholas Verble

Maleah Newman

Rhett Patton

Noah Tindell

Emily Johnson

Katie Early

Brad Collins

Caleb Hiter

Alora Paddock

Nathan Stevens

Colby Johnson

Warren Morelock

Jordan Varnell

Alex DeRusha

Justin Peters

Laney Howard

Austin Flatford

Bradie Ankeny

Mason Taylor

Graham Elkins

Noah Everett

Brain Rockwell

Lauren Lawson

Sarah Gangloff

Stephanie Jernejcic

Reece Walker

Amber Cardwell

Audrey Brown

Logan Dzambo

Seth Gilliam

Noah Stooksbury

Emily Roark

Christian Dudley

Sydney Roach

Mason Daniels

Jacob Sands

Jaylen Giles

Kyler Kirkland

Dorthy Jones

Delaine Stiltner

Caroline Fleenor

Ethan Campbell

Layla Richards

Madison Brown

Brayden Holbert

Cody Martin

Maekenna Shoemaker

Ian Yow

Carley Bailey

Ashley Drinnon

Kevin Clupper

Sadie Hudson

Allie Yarnell

Jared Wiser

Seth Gillam

Alex Fritts

Hayden Sobas

Haley Hooks

Darren Rutherford

Eli Ousley

Tanner Branum

Grace Mears

Savannah Johnson

Brianna Blair


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