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To provide an environment where all students may attain knowledge, skills, and attitudes to meet the challenges of high school and beyond.
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 2015-16 School Supply List
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School News

  • Thank You Students for a Great School Year!
    Have a great summer  

    Teachers Say Good-bye in Style
    Have a Great Summer

     KPD Presents
    Take a Stand Against Bullying
    Anti-Bullying Campaign

    On Friday students took part in an ANTI BULLYING PEP RALLY. The rally was held at our stadium.  KPD has solely sponsored this event, and they have provided EVERYONE of our students a tee shirt, and other 'swag'. Our keynote speaker is 'STERLING HENTON' aka STERL the PEARL with other special guests including Knox County Police Chief David B. Rausch. To see all of our event pictures, visit our South-Doyle Facebook page. Read the Media Release  Read Serling Henton's Bio

    sdms logo2  

    Yearbooks Are Still Available
    If you would like to get your copy of the 2015 yearbook, please contact Mr. Mosadegh at:
     $37 CASH ONLY

    One for the Record Books
    8th Grade Red Carpet Premiere Was a Hit! 
    Red Carpet premier poster   
    South-Doyle only knows how to do things one way! That is the right way, and it is always in style. Thank you to Mrs. Moulden, Mrs. Robinson, Mrs. Jessica Ott, and all of the dozens of teachers and parent volunteers who came together to make this year's 8th grade dance a smashing hit. Decorations, music, students, all were amazing. Student's outfits were stunning. To view all of the pictures or to post your pictures, visit our school Facebook page. 

     2015 Summer School 
    May 27 - June 23
    Hours: 8:30 am - 1:30 pm
    Applications are available in student office or download here
     Application Deadline is May 21st
    For more information contact the curriculum principal Mrs. Baker at:

    Field Day at SDMS   
    6th Grade Monday, May 18th (1:15-3:00)
    7th Grade Monday, May 18th (8:45-11:00)
     8th Grade Tuesday, May 19th (8:45-11:00)
     Students sign up for events in homeroom
    Eligibility: Students must have no BIS or OSS for the months of April and May 
    PTSA will be selling concessions 
    What Students Should Bring:
      - water bottle
    - sunglasses
    - sunscreen
    - hat
    - towel to sit on
    - money for concessions
    - comfortable clothing (must comply with school dress code) 
    What Students Should NOT Bring:
    - water guns
    - valuables
    - anything that would not be appropriate for school
    *administration reserves the right to restrict participation for students who do not follow school behavior expectations.

     Knoxville Zoomobile visits South-Doyle Students

       SDMS Students Win 1st Place in Banner Competition at 2015 Special Olympics
    SDMS Special Olympics  
    Students also win 18 medals. 8 gold medals, 5 silver medials and 5 bronze medals
    Congratulations to all our students 

    big news  
    Science Olympiad Students Take 4th Place in State Competition!
    at the Regional Science Olympiad Tournament
       Science OLympiad

    Congratulations to the South-Doyle Science Olympiad team for their 4th place finish at the State tournament last Saturday at the University of Tennessee!  The students did an all-around tremendous job and earned medals in 15 of the 23 events.  A BIG thank you to our students for their hard work and leadership, and our parents/coaches who have provided countless hours of support and valuable instruction.

    SDMS State Medals – 2015

    ·     1st Place = Dynamic Planet (Connor McGinley and Kailey Garrison)

    ·      2nd Place = Bio-Process Lab (Adam McDaniel and Monet Harriman)

    ·      2nd Place = Bridge Building (Connor McGinley and Jessica Burks)

    ·      2nd Place = Elastic Launched Glider (Marley Harriman and Connor McGinley)

    ·      2nd Place = Robo-Cross (Adam McDaniel and Connor McGinley)

    ·      2nd Place = Write It Do It (Marley Harriman and Monet Harriman)

    ·      3rd Place = Experimental Design (Monet Harriman, Marley Harriman, Connor McGinley)

    ·      4th Place = Entomology (Nolan Askew and Elijah Styles)

    ·      4th Place = Fossils (Monet Harriman and Marley Harriman)

    ·      5th Place = Air Trajectory (Derek McCarley and Melody Hubbard)

    ·      5th Place = Simple Machines (Farrell Scott and Derek McCarley)

    ·      5th Place = Solar System (Melody Hubbard and Jessica Burks)

    ·      6th Place = Crave the Wave (Farrell Scott and Nolan Askew)

    ·      6th Place = Meteorology (Eric Fitzpatrick and Jessica Burks)

    ·      6th Place = Road Scholar (Casey Handlos and Derek McCarley)

    South-Doyle Science Olympiads Also Earned 1st Place in Regional Competition 
    * Team A - Medaled in 19 of the 23 events.
    * Team B - Medaled in 9 pof the 23 events.
    * Team C - Medaled in 6 of the 23 events. 
     - 9 Gold Medals
     - 13 Silver Medals
     - 12 Bronze Medals 

     SDMS Student Wins 1st Place in the Knoxville Chalk Walk Art Show
    Chalk Walk 1st Place Winner  
    Congratulations to Elena Lawson a SDMS student for winning first place in the Dogwood Arts Chalk Walk in Market Square.
    The Chalk Walk comes back in its seventh year and remains one of the fan favorites among our visitors in April! The street painting festival, whose origination as a featured event of Dogwood Arts, drew inspiration from a 16th century Italian happening, turns Knoxville’s downtown sidewalks into a seemingly infinite canvas for the region’s most talented professional and student artists. Dogwood Arts brings this event to Knoxville once again to continue to educate visitors and artists, alike, of this lost art in hopes of keeping it alive for future generations. Bring the family and get some ideas for your child’s next driveway masterpiece – or your own! 
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School Announcements

  •   Two South-Doyle Students Win at the National History Day Competition
    Katie Hunneycutt and Emily Kersey  


    Congratulations to 8th graders Katie Hunneycutt and Emily Kersey for winning the National History Day competition in the documentary division state championship in Nashville. We are so excited to announce that these amazing girls will be moving on to the nationals competition in Washington D.C. Congratulations girls you make South-Doyle proud! 

    8th Grade Chorus and Ensemble Receives Top Rating!
    SDMS Chorus Ensemble  
    Congratulations to the 8th Grade Chorus and Ensemble members! Both groups received ratings of "Excellent" for performance and ratings of "Superior" for sight reading at choral festival! (Ensemble actually got a perfect score in sightreading!)

    SDMS Students participate in the Very Special Arts Festival

    KNOXVILLE, Tenn. (WVLT)-- A Very Special Arts Festival is a one of a kind event that celebrates Knox County Students with diverse abilities and the various artistic skills they are learning in the classroom.

    It's not a competition, but an opportunity for students with disabilities to share their talents, works of art, and accomplishments with the community. Through this event, the Dogwood Arts Festival wants to encourage and stimulate feelings of self-worth within these students.

    Wednesday's festival included a wide variety of activities in music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Students also participated in workshops of “make and take” arts and crafts, demonstrations, exhibits of art work, and performances by individuals with disabilities

    A Very Special Arts Festival is supported by AKIMA Women’s Club of Knoxville, The Pilot Club, West High School, and West Knoxville Civitan Club.

    The event is a united effort between Dogwood Arts, the University of Tennessee Departments of Art and Special Education, and Knox County Schools.

     Cast and Crew of the SDMS Guys and Dolls Jr. Go See a Broadway Production
     Guys and Dolls Jr. Cast and Crew
     The SDMS cast and crew of "Guys and Dolls Jr." was awarded a grant that provided tickets for the entire group to see "Guys and Dolls" at the Tennessee Theatre on Saturday! It was the first time a lot of them have ever had the opportunity to see a Broadway production. To say they were excited would definitely be an understatement. Congratulations to all of our students and crew.

    50,000 Trees Planted Across Knox County
    And a Few at South-Doyle 
    A national group planned a day to plant 50,000 trees across the country in one day (
    As part of this program, Joseph Konvicka, an intern with the local Adopt-a-Watershed program through Americorps, and I developed a plan to have SDMS students participate.
    Students who participated received bonus points and were provided with gloves and tools use to plant the seedlings.
    An area was picked along Baker Creek and members of my Outdoor Classroom Club marked the planting sites a few days before the big planting day, March 14. 
    About ten students and several adults showed up at 10am and got to work. In less than two hours, we planted 100 trees and erected a barrier to mark their location and protect the trees from lawn mowers or  playing children.

    Students Can Earn Coins for Grades
    and Learn about Money
     Coins for A's  

    Coins for A’s Program – (Action Required) Coins for A’s is a program in which the ANA (American Numismatic Association) awards coins to students who have earned three or more A’s during the latest school marking period. We accept any equivalent to an “A” grade for our program. Should your system use a series of checks or a number equivalency, all are acceptable. The student simply sends a copy of their report card to our headquarters and we in turn send the student a world coin along with a congratulatory letter asking them to learn as much about the country the coin came from. Every time that a student is eligible, they may repeat the process and we will send a different world coin. There is never a cost involved and when a student earns their first coin, we will even send to the youngster an application for a free 6 month membership to the ANA. 

    Our Coins for A’s is one of the programs that has recently been listed in a Consumer Reports article entitled: “Best gifts to teach kids to be smart about money.”

     Download the Flyer:
    Learn More: 
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SDMS Sports

Teacher Feature

  • Teacher Feature
    Congratulations to This Week's Teacher-of-the-Week
     Mrs. Karen Davis   mosadegh head shot
    Mrs. Karen Davis               Mr. Mosadegh
    Mrs. Davis is one of our student office secretaries
    Mr. Mosadegh is our computer teacher and technology coach 
    Congratulations Mrs. Davis and Mr. Mosadegh.  on behalf of all of us at South-Doyle, thank you for all you do for our students!
    Previous Winners: Mrs. Honey Lewis, Mrs. McGaha, Mr. McConnell, Mrs. Wellner, and Mrs. Ancrum, Mrs. Palmer
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KEES Spotlight

  • SDMS Art Showcase
    View and purchase real student artwork
    Click above to browse school page and student artwork 
    View Student Work Slideshow         Meet our Art Teacher
     See Art Slide Show      Meet Our Art Teacher

    Students can earn "KEE" cards for exemplary behavior, being prepared, taking steps beyond usual expectations, showing respect and anything else that supports a positive learning environment. Teachers and administrators are on the look out for you to make a difference at your school.
    What will you do to earn a KEE? 
    End of Year KEES Incentives
    Field Day:
     - 2 KEES: Face painting
    Yearbook Signing:
     - 3 KEES for an autograph book
    Year-End Celebration:
     - No ODR's for the month of May  - Fun with the inflatables
     - 2 KEES for snow cones 
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