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  • Students Announcements link

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 8/17/2014
    Click here to see today's student Announcements.
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  • Genius Hour begins August 18!

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 8/17/2014
    After empathizing and ideating with students, parents, and teachers last year we arrived at the prototype schedule that will kick off the test phase on Monday, August 18.  We're so excited to bring Genius Hour to the students and teachers of the L&N!
     Genius Hour is several things.  It is:
    • a direct response to students asking for a "brain break" and opportunities to participate in clubs even if they ride school buses,
    • a response to parents asking for teachers to be able to incorporate and share "passion" interests and projects to enrich students' lives,
    • a model based on a Google practice called "20%."  The idea is to encourage employees to spend 20% of their time on passion projects, this way when they return to their normal tasks, they are more energized and even more creative after stretching that other side of the brain for a spell,
    • an opportunity to bring the educational strategy of "Genius Hour" (look it up on Twitter) to our student body in their own way,
    • a way for us to offer small group tutoring and intervention to students who need it during the school day,
    • a chance to do test prep training for high stakes assessments like the ACT and SAT,
    • finally, a strategy to allow teachers to group by subject areas on a regular basis for their own content planning to enhance instruction.
    For all these reasons, we're looking forward to watching students "feed their genius" by participating in a variety of activities.  Does it look different from other schools?  Yes.  Does it require a level of maturity and accountability on the part of every student?  Yes.  Do we think our students are up to it?  YES YES!  Stay tuned for tweets and posts about how our grand experiment looks as we kick it off this week!
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  • Welcome to the new face of the L&N STEM Academy!

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 6/27/2014
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School Announcements

  • ONLINE SCHOOL LUNCH PAYMENTS The Knox County Schools is utilizing a new system to fund student breakfast and lunch accounts. Parents should be advised that PayPams is no longer a service utilized by the Knox County Schools, and therefore no money should be added to your child’s account through this system. Parents should disregard any requests to replenish funds to a child’s account with PayPams. PayPams has already been deactivated for Knox County Schools students. For any pre-payments on a student’s account, please go to All money deposited into a PayPams account will carry over to the new pre-pay portal, If you have any questions at all, please call the Knox County Schools Nutrition Department at 865-594-3640.
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  • Course Fees PDF File <Click Here>

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  • Text of message going out by robocall from school 8/5:
     It was a long message; in case your machine cut it off, here are the announcements in tonight's robocall message:
    1. This Friday is a voluntary Orientation day for students new to the school.  Buses will run morning and afternoon routes (morning at regular time and afternoon at 1:00).  The cafeteria will not be open, but PTSA and SGA are providing water and snacks for students to tide them over till they can eat lunch
    2. Parents can come for a one-hour orientation at either 10:00 or 11:30 on Friday morning while your student is here.  This is just to acquaint you with tools available to help your learner succeed at the L&N.
    3. Kick off Carnival, Saturday, Aug 9, 4:00 - 8:00 p.m. in our Plaza/parking lot area.  All students and families are invited to come learn about all the academic and athletic organizations available, purchase some food, homemade bake sale goodies, and play games like a dunking booth with teachers and principals in it.  We'll have a live lottery drawing for Senior parking passes at 6:00.
    4. Last summer movie night is also Saturday, Aug 9.  We'll be showing Divergent so bring your family and friends and a lawn chair and join the fun!
    5. Monday, Aug 11 is a half day.  Cafeteria will be open to serve breakfast from 8:00 - 9:15 (chicken biscuits, pop tarts, juice and milk).  No lunch will be served.  All buses will run.
    6. PTSA Open House is Thursday, Aug 14 from 6:00 - 8:00 p.m.  They will be serving their FAMOUS BBQ dinners for a suggested donation of $5/plate from 5:30 - 6:30.  We'll have the general meeting at 6:00 and then you may explore the campus and meet teachers. 
    7. Students who are not planning on schedule change requests can pay all their fees in one check at either the kick off carnival or Open House.  Outside of that you will have to pay each one with a separate check.
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  • School supply shopping list for 2014-15
    Thank you Facebook parents for keeping an eye out - just one button difference between posting and not and we're still learning our new website software - please accept our apologies!  Our teachers make good use of the tools we can access through the student iPads, but there are a few things that will help your child meet teacher expectations for the coming year.  This list is meant to focus your shopping trip during tax-free weekend to be as efficient as possible!
    For all students: 
    • Be sure to have at least one notebook (spiral or binder) for the random task/assignment requiring paper. 
    • Blue/black pens and #2 lead pencils should also be carried.
    • You will be able to use a TI-84 graphing calculator through all math classes (even into college) and college entrance exams.  If new are too high priced, try pawn shops for used ones.
    • You may wish to look at backpacks but keep in mind we have no lockers and not a lot of room for large and wheeled models.  Small drawstring packs seem to work well.
    • If you are a new student your iPad will be the iPad Air model.  We will provide a cover but you may wish to look for one to personalize, if you like.  We do not provide keyboards but you may use them if you wish.

    Specific classes:  Check back as teachers add to the list

    • AP Music Theory ONLY - Manuscript spiral bound notebook (Archives or Alfred notebooks are good choices, can be purchased in most music stores) for an example: click here
    • Chemistry I/Intro to Organic and Biochemistry: Paper notebook of some kind. 
    • AP Chemistry- Quadrille ruled composition book as well as an additional notebook of the students choice. 
    • Geology - graph paper, colored pencils, metric ruler, small bound composition notebook
    • Biology I/Honors Biology I - small bound composition notebook
    A word about shopping for school clothes - we follow the Knox County dress code policy.  We respect personal expression through fashion, however, we are at school to learn, which is a professional activity.  We expect clothing to show that we're coming to school to learn, not to distract others from the learning process by our clothing (or lack thereof).  Please keep the following in mind when shopping for your school wardrobe:
    For young ladies: the popular crochet back tops will need to be worn with a shrug or light jacket over them, we should not be able to see your back skin.  Sleeveless is ok as long as the straps are at least 3 fingers wide (side by side).  Cap sleeves are best for warm weather.  Shorts/skirts MUST be longer than the longest fingertip when arms are extended at your side.  On the front, your belly and cleavage should not be visible - keep it all covered, please.
    For young men: Shorts are o.k., but like pants, should be worn near the waist - no "sagging."  Belts are expected to be used.  No tank tops.  For both genders - articles of clothing or accessories that display or represent offensive material, content, or substances which would be illegal for your age group (alcohol, cigarettes, etc.) are not appropriate.  No head coverings other than those of religious significance are allowed inside the building.
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  • 2014-15 Updated Bus schedules -
    Transportation Schedules are out follow this link(rev. 8/7/14): Click Here
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  • Click Here for the latest issue of The Gryphon Gazette
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    Students explain why they chose a STEM education and what their future holds. 
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