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  • Students Announcements link

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 8/17/2014
    Click here to see student Announcements updated daily.
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  • Genius Hour begins August 18!

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 8/17/2014
    After empathizing and ideating with students, parents, and teachers last year we arrived at the prototype schedule that will kick off the test phase on Monday, August 18.  We're so excited to bring Genius Hour to the students and teachers of the L&N!
     Genius Hour is several things.  It is:
    • a direct response to students asking for a "brain break" and opportunities to participate in clubs even if they ride school buses,
    • a response to parents asking for teachers to be able to incorporate and share "passion" interests and projects to enrich students' lives,
    • a model based on a Google practice called "20%."  The idea is to encourage employees to spend 20% of their time on passion projects, this way when they return to their normal tasks, they are more energized and even more creative after stretching that other side of the brain for a spell,
    • an opportunity to bring the educational strategy of "Genius Hour" (look it up on Twitter) to our student body in their own way,
    • a way for us to offer small group tutoring and intervention to students who need it during the school day,
    • a chance to do test prep training for high stakes assessments like the ACT and SAT,
    • finally, a strategy to allow teachers to group by subject areas on a regular basis for their own content planning to enhance instruction.
    For all these reasons, we're looking forward to watching students "feed their genius" by participating in a variety of activities.  Does it look different from other schools?  Yes.  Does it require a level of maturity and accountability on the part of every student?  Yes.  Do we think our students are up to it?  YES YES!  Stay tuned for tweets and posts about how our grand experiment looks as we kick it off this week!
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  • Welcome to the new face of the L&N STEM Academy!

    Posted by Becky Ashe at 6/27/2014
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School Announcements

  • The following dates are Early Release Fridays (school day ends at 2:30):
    February 13
    February 27
    March 27
    April 10 
    April 24
    Students who do not have a ride home will go to Study Hall until 4:30. No student may leave campus and return to catch a bus. 
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  • School tours are scheduled every third Monday at 10 a.m. and every third Tuesday at 2 p.m. Click here to register. 
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  • Class Fees: We are still accepting student fees. Each fee should be paid in a separate check and given to the classroom teacher. Any fee that isn't course specific (ie. iPad or instructional fees) may be paid to any teacher. Feel free to pay one at a time if needed. For a list of course fees  <Click Here>.

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  • Apply for a TN Learner’s Permit

    The first step of the GDL process is getting your class PD learner’s permit in Tennessee. You must be at least 15 years old to apply.

    To get started, you’ll need to visit your local Tennessee DOS office and:

    1010 Forms must be requested four days in advance to
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    February 2, 2015  Mandatory Meeting in STEM Space 8a-9am
    April 6, 2015 Mandatory Meeting in STEM Space 8a-9am  


    Click Here for the PowerPoint Presentation  


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  • Click Here For the Senior Class Dues
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  • Italy 2016 Tour 
     STEM Community: Here is the link to our Florence and Rome, Italy 2016 Tour website.
    All pertinent information can be found here.
    For further questions, contact Mr. Webb or Mr. Mangone. 
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  • 2014-15 Updated Bus schedules -
    Transportation Schedules are out follow this link(rev. 8/7/14): Click Here
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  • Click Here for the latest issue of The Gryphon Gazette
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    Students explain why they chose a STEM education and what their future holds. 
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