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Baccalaureate Service honoring the
Class of 2017
May 14, 3:00
Central Baptist Fountain City 
Walk Dance and Football
Bobcats Volunteer!
Dance and Football at the
TN Alzheimers Walk
Congratulations to the the football team
for a historic season! 
Considering of a Resolution of the
Commission of Knox County
The Memorial Scholarship Fund
raised $35,160.5
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CHS Vision Statement: Our Central High School family will create a positive learning environment that recognizes individual diversity and promotes academic rigor and integrity while enabling students to maximize their academic or vocational potential to be a successful citizen in a global community.
School Goals:
Goal 1- Improve Academic growth and achievement of all students, including all subgroups.
Goal 2- Increase graduation rate.
Goal 3-Focus staff development on student achievement and growth.
Goal 4-Increase parental and community involvement. 

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Central Proud.
 Fountain City Strong. 

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